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Zen 2 issue on PS4

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  • Zen 2 issue on PS4

    I have been having a serious issue playing any table. I have tried both top buttons, and bottom triggers, and it still happens. It seems after playing for a bit when I go to hit the ball I get kicked to the game menu, I can go right back into the game where I got kicked, but it is irritating as hell. At first I thought it was a faulty controller, so I bought a new controller and it still does it on the new one.After getting kicked 5 or 6 times it takes the fun out of the game completely PLEASE HELP !!

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    It's sounds like the system is running into a compiling error (broken code) in the game.

    There are two things that I can think of that may fix this.

    1.) Try restoring your licenses (PSN >> Restore Licenses).

    2.) Try rebuilding the system's database (Go into safe mode and select option 5 ).
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      I've seen this once before and the rebuild database option should do the trick.