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Street Fighter - Missing Table in PSN to download for ps3

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  • Street Fighter - Missing Table in PSN to download for ps3

    Hey Guys,

    First of all i have to say that this Forum here is very helpful for me. I also apologize for my Englisch perhaps because that's not my mother language.
    Now, lets talk about my "problem".
    I See many Videos and read a lot of tables in ZP2 which can be download in the psn store. I got the trial Version on my ps3 and want to get the Street Fighter 2 Table but when i search for, i just found the Table for the Vita. I know that this table can also be download for ps3 but what i will do for this? I have no Vita.


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    So, i just read a bit in the last hours, exactly about Upgrade ZP2 to "Full Version". First of all i downloaded the Avengers Chronicles Pack. Here ist the Advice in Brackets - Unlock & Fullversion. I buy them, install them and now i get a new Layout in Zen Pinball 2. More Tables were shown, included Street Fighter Table. You have to buy this Single Table too but it works!
    In the Trial Version of ZP2, there are "only" 20 Tables shown. When you Upgrade you get the Rest!

    Well done - I´m happy.

    P.S.: Why is this Advice nowhere to find???


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      For future reference, the Free-To-Play portion of Zen Pinball 2 is limited. Only about half of the tables are available to demo on the free version. Until you actually buy a table pack (or the Plants vs Zombies table), you won't be able to demo (or buy) the other tables.