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  • South Park tables PS4

    Just bought the south park tables and there is a very noticeable lag on the flippers it's completely ruining the game. All my other tables I've played so far on PS4 are fine but the lag makes it hard to time shots. Is anyone else having this issue.. Zen please fix asap. Great tables by the way.

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    I'm not experiencing any lag at all on those two tables.

    Most likely the problem is between the TV and PS4. A lot of HDTVs use enhancers that can be very hit or miss with video games. Sometimes it will effect certain levels/tables or the entire game. Most likely the South Park tables use a unique color scheme that the enhancers don't like.

    Try going into your TV settings and turn off all the video enhancers or just set the picture mode to Game Mode (or Computer Mode).

    This was how I got rid of the lag on ZP2 (every table for me), when I switched over to my new HDTV.
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