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I'm having trouble with Zen Pinball 2

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  • I'm having trouble with Zen Pinball 2

    I need help. Pretty frustrated. I have a PS4 and have downloaded Zen Pinball 2 and have been playing and enjoying the Sorcerers Lair table. Since then I have purchased the South Park Pack, The Star Wars Pack, the Football (soccer) Pack, as well as the Avengers pack. Pretty good chunk of change and I have downloaded them all. However, when I click on these tables, It just gives me the "Buy Pack" option which I have already done. Why can't I play the tables I've purchased? What do I need to do?

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    Go to PSN (on PS4's UI) and then select Restore Licenses. That will fix the problem.

    There's a minor bug on the PS4, where it will sometimes not update the licenses automatically after buying/downloading DLC. I've ran into this problem on a few games now, but thankfully Sony has added in an option to do it manually.