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  • Venom Pinball!

    Spider-Man’s symbiotic nemesis gets his own pinball table! Get ready for Marvel's Venom pinball, coming to PSN in North America on December 9th and Europe December 10th! See our blog for more details!

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    Wow! It finally happened. You guys are the best at listening to your fans. And the table looks amazing too! Reminds me a bit of Blade, which is a good thing.
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      Awesome! Thanks so much for listening to your customers! I am already throwing my money at my TV. This table looks incredible!!
      "Zen Pinball Rules!"


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        Wow! Again.... you guys impress us with your creativity. This has got to be the best year for Pinball fans. Surprised that there is no gameplay footage.


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          Thanks, guys! We'll have a trailer once we get closer to release


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            Day one, looks great!


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              "We are Pinball!"

              Got to say that looks rad, reminds me of that Spiderman : Web of Shadows game which I loved.

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                Never heard of this guy or that last one.

                I guess we have done all the popular characters now and are into the B list?

                No matter – there all much the same.


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                  Looks cool! Part of me is a little sad as I had a faint hope we might get a festive Christmas themed table Maybe next year...

                  On a side note, this table brings the trophy count for ZP2 close to what I hear is the maximum for a PSN game (my maths makes it that there's room for 1 more release with 2 bronze trophies)

                  I could be totally wrong, I wonder if anyone has any solid info on this? It would be such a shame if tables were had to be released without trophies as they really add to the fun, not to mention the challenge.


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                    Venom is far from b list. He is uber popular. Fans have been screaming for his own solo movie. He appears in all spidey cartoons. He made movie appearance in spiderman 3 with sandman. First issue (as venom) I believe was spiderman 300 (late 80s or early 90s) drawn by mcfarlane a real popular and fan favorite artist. Venom has also appeared in almost every spiderman video game going way back to sega genesis
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                      Originally posted by DiscoKing
                      Venom is far from b list.
                      He's certainly no Moon Knight...


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                        Who designed this table?

                        It looks like the same guy who designed Han Solo and Fear Itself...
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                          Maybe B list is a bit harsh - sounds like more of a supporting character.

                          Ah yes Moon Knight - Had never heard of him before that table and havent since!
                          But actually that was a very good table with a great atmosphere.


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                            Originally posted by Alipan
                            Maybe B list is a bit harsh - sounds like more of a supporting character.

                            Ah yes Moon Knight - Had never heard of him before that table and havent since!
                            But actually that was a very good table with a great atmosphere.
                            If joker is a supporting character To batman than yes venom is a supporting character in that they both belong to the rouges gallery and can't be in every episode or issue.

                            But venom is more like a joker or mr freeze I would call Alfred a supporting character.

                            Venom is the antagonist so he is more of a main character and I believe this would be a first for a villain table.

                            Unless you count infinity as a thanos table but that's more of an event table I would say
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                              Yes Venom is far froma "B" lister. This is the Maximum Carnage storyline. Neither Spidey nor Venom can take out Carnage on their own hence the black suit where Venom and Spider-Man combine powers to defeat Carnage. Let's just say that Carnage has the powers to basically destroy the world on his own. It's been a long time and I can't remember how Carnage came to be but he is really super powerful. I even like the Civil War table a lot because I follow the comics to this very day. That's why I know of Moon Knight while alot of folks don't. The table looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it. Zen treats their customers/fans properly by actively listening to us. I remember a graphic comic that pitted DC superheroes against Marvel. Now that would be an awesome table. The memory and power requirements for such a table would be beyond last-gen's capabilities though and I know Zen has stated no DC, but a person can dream can't they? Yes please may we know the author's name sometime soon? Thanks again for all you do for your fans especially when you're not obligated to do so (LIke free upgrades and the tables themselves). I know Venom is in Lego Marvel but I can't remember if Carnage was...getting
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