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    leaderboard issues...

    Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
    Is this still happening? Are friend leaderboards showing up for you on other tables?
    Yes they are showing up on most of my tables. I see this issue on Venom, Sorcerer's Lair and Ninja Gaiden 2 now...

    I have every other table except the soccer tables, I don't see them on the new core pack yet either...
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      My ONLY complaint is the last chance capture saucer makes the game too forgiving with the anti venom spider sense and this put togethet it makes it a little easy bu hey im considered an advanced players so i guess its good for intermediates.

      Go Bowen Kerins!!!


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        After giving this table some proper time I've grown to like it, I'm not a fan of tables with too many ball-saves but I thought if you can't beat 'em join 'em and tried to rack up a high-score You can have some serious marathon games if you're prepared to be patient. Anyway, thought I'd share some of my thoughts and findings which may help some.
        • To get to the upper playfield area I prefer to use the left jump ramp, less chance of a roll-back SDTM.
        • I usually go for the SUIT Extra Ball first, hitting the four targets using your left flipper is much less risky than using the right. Once both kick-backs are lit, spell SUIT once more to light Extra ball.
        • I never bother going for the Skill-shot as it's too easy to drain down the left out-lane and lose a ball-save. Not worth the risk.
        • Once CARNAGE is spelt the mini-game starts, this is the only way to increase your Multiplier. I believe this can be increased to unlimited amounts, I've had it over 80X which can provide a tasty end of ball bonus
        • Hit the captive ball 10X to Hold Bonus Multiplier. Hit it a further 10X to light Extra Ball at the top left hole on the mini-game. Once the bonus is held, hitting the captive ball 10X earns 10 million. This increases by 1 million for each further 10X hits. I had it up to 20 million but I suspect it's unlimited too.
        • Once you hit all the JAILBREAK letters you can escape by hitting the lower hole, top left hole and then the top right escape ramp. If you have enough chances I usually stay and try and complete the JAILBREAK letters again, each time you complete them you get 20 extra seconds in the Carnage Frenzy mode after escaping. I've had 120 seconds and suspect this too can be increased to an unlimited amount.
        • To hit the REAK letters on the right, hit the captive ball and it will often rebound over that side.

        Apologies if this is old news to some of you. Overall this table is a lot of fun with some nicely varied missions and novel ideas, the playfield is nicely laid out and a balanced challenge. The Symbiotes mission is a pain but at least all the others are not too tough so I'm not complaining. Although I still dislike the permanent Web Ball-Save...