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  • hacks or cheat?

    Hi, I have found a lot of offer in online for hacks or cheat code for the the game. Does anyone know these are real or work? And also tell me whether these are legal or illegal.

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    What exactly are these offers? Is someone else offering to do high scores or trophies for you? There are no cheat codes for Zen Pinball. Being legal or illegal depends on what is being done and how.

    Someone who runs a trophy service by "hacking" the trophies to your account is using custom firmware, which is against Sony's terms of service, and yes, is "illegal". Although unlikely, Sony could ban your account for it, and its highly possible to be flagged as a cheater on a trophy leaderboard site, if that matters to you. Someone doing the trophies legit on your account is technically "legal", but morally questionable if your a trophy hunter.

    Someone achieving high scores for you on your account would be technically legal as well, but pretty bogus for those that like to take the high score leaderboards seriously. After all, it wouldn't be your score thats reflected, but someone else's.

    Perhaps you could give a little bit more information pertaining to what exactly the offers are, and how you are supposed to use these "cheat codes" or "hacks"...