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Possible future update to allow muting voice-over *only*?

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  • Possible future update to allow muting voice-over *only*?

    I love Zen's tables and sound design in general, but one thing that really kills me on some tables is the voice work, especially if it's a bad imitation like on Han Solo. Some call-outs get really old or are just plain annoying, and some of the line-readings make me cringe. But the only way to mute voices is to mute all sound effects, which is not optimal. I like the audio feed-back of the table. I don't know if the voice-over files are separate from the rest of the sound effects but it would be great to be able to mute voices separate from everything else. It's just a dream, though... But no joke, there are tables I really don't play as much as I would if I could turn the voices off. No offense to the actors!

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    The latest tables allow you to turn off the voice overs in the Operator Menu.
    Go to Utilities, Extra Adjustments, Voiceovers, and turn them off there.

    It doesn't look like this option is in the Han Solo table though.


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      Thank you very much! I would never have found that. It's a very nice feature to have. It would seem that only tables released in the last year feature this option, i doubt an update will add it to older tables. But great to know it will be there on new tables going forward.

      And for the record, I gave Han Solo another chance and he's not so bad :-) But boy, that Wolverine sounds so off-character to me... The guy voicing Sabretooth sounds more appropriate for Logan, heh.


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        Umm It's pinball you HAVE to get used to hearing the same sound bytes over and over

        Go Bowen Kerins!!!