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    Hello everybody !!!
    I want to thank you first for your great job for Zen Pinball 2. I love it.

    But, I have two little problems. I've got ZP2 on PC (steam) and on PS4 and I would like to import PC tables but I think it's impossible :-/
    And, why scoreboards between PC and PS4 are different ? I've got sorcerer's lair score and walking dead score on PS4 but I can't see it on PC.

    I looking for in forum, but nothing

    Sorry for this post. Brian has posted the same question !
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    I don't think any games share the same leaderboard or server capabilities across multiple platforms except for PS3 and Vita or PS4 and Vita. It has always been that way and it's pretty obvious why.
    If you buy the tables on the PS3 for example Sony will get a cut from the sales. If you could import them now to PC or Xbox guess who won't get a cut now. Not to mention you can't even connect Steam accounts with PSN accounts so how is Steam supposed to know you downloaded them on there? Obviously Zen won't unlock them by hand because if they allowed that they wouldn't do anything but that for the next two years


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      Thank you ! I'll try to get best scores on 2 platforms