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V12 NEEDS a complete reconstruction.

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  • V12 NEEDS a complete reconstruction.

    So I'm not at all a fan of the V12 pinball table in the Zen Classics pack. Many people are not at all fans of the table. It's supposed to be a flow table but the shots feel really tight and restricted with a large room of error. So I feel the best way to improve the table would be to redo the table altogether.

    Stern released "Mustang" about a year ago. It has many of the same aspects of V12 - including shifting gears and improving your cars - but that game does it a whole lot better because it doesn't feel as boring. In V12, at one point, you have to shoot 50 unlit left ramps and center orbits to light an upgrade. In Mustang, all you need to do to upgrade is complete specific playfield features, like rollovers or targets. I think if Zoltan Vari did a "sequel" to V12 that featured elements of this Stern table along with other elements of his recent designs, I'm sure we'd all love the table a lot more.

    And get rid of that announcer. What is he saying, "enter the itin" or something?
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    He says "Engine Ignited". I agree the announcer is major cheesy. I just recently grown to like v12,it used to be my most hated table. I like how compact it is and some of the rules.

    Go Bowen Kerins!!!