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Major credit and hugs for a great table

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  • Eternal21
    You're talking about Infinity Gauntlet table. There's another mission in there, that reverses your flipper action as well (you press X to lower them instead of raise them). Here's a trophy guide if you're interested: Infinity Gauntlet Table Trophy Guide Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (Personal Opinion) Offline trophies: 2 (1(B), 1(S)) Online trophies: N/A Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-30 hours (depends on skill/luck) Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Number ...

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  • Trynyty
    started a topic Major credit and hugs for a great table

    Major credit and hugs for a great table

    I have a lot of critical complaints about some parts of the game, but I must give credit where credit is due. I'm not sure what table it is offhand because I'm not looking at the menu, but there is a table that flips the entire screen upside down!!!!

    I was screaming the entire time that happened. My family was stunned as they watched, mouths agape, as I scrambled to readjust. VERY WELL DONE. Keep those tables coming!