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Starfighter Assault Fleet Commander trophy issue (SW Pinball list)

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  • Starfighter Assault Fleet Commander trophy issue (SW Pinball list)

    Fleet Commander
    Complete all Squad Missions in one game on the Star Wars: Starfighter Assault table.

    Well, I either messed this one up (possibly) or it glitched. I got to Rank 6 but it says it I have only completed 5 squad missions.

    I saved and still have 1 ball left. It seems like everytime I try to start a new squad mission is goes to "DOGFIGHT" mission which is confusing as it isn't in ShoryukenToTheChin pdf guide. This mission came up earlier too, not sure why.

    Since I am already at Rank 6, I am wondering the best course of strategy before losing my ball and having to restart. Should I keep trying for Squad missions and hope the one I haven't done yet comes through? Or do I need to try get more XP to open up the missing squad mission? Being Rank 6 already, I don't think i need to do any more promotions?

    I have definitely done the mini-game squad missions: lone fighter (1), squadron gateway (4), air barrage (6). I am pretty sure it was downed fighter (2) that I missed and that it showed up as "dogfight" this first time. Rather ridiculous...

    Any help appreciated!

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    IIRC, Down Fighter and Dog Fight are one in the same. Some of the mission names change depending on the side you choose. The adjective between the two missions is pretty much the same though.


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      Thanks for the reply. Then I have no idea which squad mission I could have missed. I wonder if I can still get it since I am already Rank 6 or whether I have to start again from scratch.