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  • Do You Name Your Balls?

    I do, when I play. I got to thinking, as I sometimes do, that Zen should have a cool Mascot. At first I thought, well a cute bear would make sense. Then I thought, no, no that really doesn't make sense. Then it hit me, a ball (I wasn't actually hit by anything physically, so don't worry. I'm fine.) And by ball I mean a silver one, like one might find in a...wait for it...pinball machine. Genius.
    All of that thinking wore me out, so I went to bed, but the next day I returned to what by that time I'd begun referring to as "my lil' mission", that being creating a mascot for Zen Pinball, and I figured the next step would be to find our ball friend a name.
    Again, I believe I've come through with flying colors flying behind me colorfully. Testy, the Pinball!
    Frequently whilst playing Zen Pinball 2 I've wondered to myself (mostly) what it'd be like to live the life of a pinball. How would I feel? What would I feel? Would I love or be loved? Would I dream? Most of the answers to these questions still perplex me. However, as to how or what I would feel, I think that would be easy to deduce: Pretty darn angry. Imagine being knocked about with reckless abandon for nothing other than another's pleasure. I dare say there's none amongst us who'd feel anything but a bit angry, or testy (see what I did there) at such an experience. And thus was our new friend birthed.
    Please welcome, Testy the Pinball!


    I admit, I'm not much of an artist, but I think its simplicity gives it charm.
    To those at Zen Studios, I hereby grant thee use and ownership of my creation, Testy the Pinball, for any use you deem fit, in thanks for all of the hours of enjoyment your games have brought me.

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    That's a nice try. It's weird how your mind wanders while you're playing with your testes. (That's the correct plural of testy yeah?)
    Anyhow, the pinball is just a small unit of spherical mass. It's trajectory determined by the flippers, which are little more than a conduit between you and the table. It's the table itself that truly lives and breathes. I've never named a pinball, but I have a variety of names for the tables depending on whether they're kind or mean to me at the time. So with that in mind, the ideal mascot would be a table. You could call it Mabel. Mabel the table
    Zen Pinball 2 n00b Favourite tables: South Park Super Sweet, Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Tesla, Wild West, Butters.


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      No, but I name my plunger, king prawn is its name...
      Table wishlist: Tremors, Regular Show, Orphan Black, Lost Girl, Ren & Stimpy, Futurama, Hack/Slash.
      Loki (More villians)
      Moon Knight - werewolves story arc
      Brainscan - Trickster theme.
      Critters, Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, Gremlins, Chucky.
      SAW (billy doll)
      B-movie horror/monsters.
      My Babysitters a Vampire, MONSTER HUNTER, Darkstalkers, Chocobos, Goosebumps.
      Fullmoon Studios themes (i.e. Puppet Master, Subspecies, KillJoy, Gingerdead Man, Trancers)

      Yeah I don't want much do I? >.>


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        No, I certainly do not...