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PS3/PS4/VITA Mixup

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  • PS3/PS4/VITA Mixup

    Hi there everybody,

    we live in Germany and we own a PS3, a PS4 and a Vita as well.
    Last week we were playing a demo of ZEN Pinball 2 on PS4 and we were thrilled.
    So we have decided to buy all Tables in one go, because we thought that when buying it for
    PS4, the versions for PS3 and VITA will come along for free, at least the shown text
    in the PS4-Shop gave us the Impression.

    But no way, after buying ALL Tables for round about 150,-Euros (170,-US$)
    and installing them on PS4, we have tried to get them onto PS3 and Vita.

    There is no free download, we should have bought them for PS3 first.
    Now we have to pay another 150,-€ for getting them on PS3/Vita.
    (Are they kidding us???? Not a single Cent!)
    If someone would have told us before (or if it would have been mentioned
    correctly in the PS4 Store), of course we would have purchased them
    on PS3 first, to get the tables on PS4 as well for free.
    And usually we do not visit the Site of the Software-Manufacturer first,
    before we buy one in the PS-Store, to avoid any complications.

    Customer Support at SONY said: Yeah, that text in the Store is to be misunderstood
    for some reason, but neither we will recharge anything, nor give you any codes
    for the PS3/Vita Versions.

    I am pretty familiar with Business in general, because I am working for 30 years now
    as International Sales Manager in a Global Player Company (worldwide Exports), travelling all over the
    world for decades. I have seen a lot concerning Business, good things and less good,
    but this behaviour of SONY is the worst I have EVER experienced.

    Keep your Eyes on the Turnover, golden Rule, no Doubt,
    we have paid the complete Tablepack already (150€!!!!),
    so there are no Costs for Sony coming up by giving away the Codes
    for PS3/Vita, it is just vice versa, turnover stays the same
    AND there would be another satisfied customer with trust in their support.
    But no, they are p****** the customer off (maybe that nutcase is going
    to pay another 150,-€ again). Great! Loving it!

    So is there any Chance for us to get the codes from you (PS3/Vita) for free?
    We are supporting your Company because you have an awesome product,
    we bought your complete Package on one Day.
    The Way it is presented in the german PS4 Store is not correct,
    but asking SONY`s Customer Support for Help is like dropping an Apple
    and hoping that it falls upwards.

    My Son is desperate to have your Tables on VITA and PS3,
    any Chance we can do something about it?
    Remember, the 150,-€ are payed already.

    Thank you

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    I never looked at the table descriptions in the store because I have been playing this game since the PS3 days so naturally I always bought the tables from the PS3 store first.
    However looking at the descriptions in the store myself none of them (at least the 10 or so I've checked) actually states that you get the PS3/Vita versions with them in any way. It just says "one-time fee for download on several PS4 systems" in all of the descriptions. The only exception is the description for the main game which says that previously bought tables from the PS3 version can be imported onto the PS4. Maybe they should tell you that it doesn't work the other way around but I really don't think there is a sinister plan going on with all of that

    That being said this is a great company and when mishaps like this happen codes often times are given out. However I've only ever seen it with people who by error purchased one or two tables on the wrong system but not the entire library. You'll have to wait for Bobby to pass judgement

    Also what are your favorite tables so far? Always love to hear from new people on here


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      I've replied to your email about this issue and I sent as many codes as I could. Since Sony codes expire after a few months, I didn't have many to send, but I hope it helps.