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The Walking Dead - Skillshot tips?

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  • The Walking Dead - Skillshot tips?

    I'm having a very hard time hitting the bell tower skillshot in the Walking Dead table. I'd peg my accuracy at somewhere around 5-10% if not worse. I know the sensitivity/slingshots have received a lot of criticism. Even then I seem to be doing unbelievably poorly. Any tips of what I could be doing better? Any exercises I could do to bring up my accuracy - even a little bit? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Small discovery I made that is probably obvious to most. Figured I'd pass it along anyway. I was launching the ball full force thinking it made no difference since the skill comes in hitting it at the right angle. However if you do this that means the time window you have to respond is reduced. Hitting the ball just hard enough that it loops around to your left flipper, but soft enough so you have time to respond seems to be the trick. My accuracy is still quite low, but improving.

    This is obvious in hindsight considering how skillshots often work, ie. trying to hit a certain lane on launch. Did not click for me at first. Hope it helps anyone else struggling!