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PS3 Table DL is Terrible

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  • PS3 Table DL is Terrible

    Downloading tables for the PS3 has been a mess for some time. Is this not something that can be fixed?
    I gave my PS3 to my mother for Netflix and as a Blueray player, but I still play games on it sometimes when I'm visiting (I visit often, I'm a good son). Anyway, I went to play some pinball just now, and after downloading the new patch I found two rows of icons, the latest tables, were for some reason no longer downloaded. I'd played the new SW tables last time I was here and know they were all there before, so I'm not sure what happened.
    I went to import the tables, but through that option you're given 4 choices and they all say they're for PS Vita. I could've downloaded them all but figured I'd try through the PS store and see if that's better. There, however, you get two choices for both and they both say PS3. I went with doing it from the store since Mom lives in the country and has super slow internet and at least the store lets you DL in the background. Again, however, no matter which of the two you pick, you've got to also DL the Vita versions and the Vita main game and I quickly ran out of space for downloading in the background.
    I remember these being mixed up back when the PS3 was my home system and reading here on the forums others dealing with this. Is there no way to go in and correctly label which are for PS3 and which are for Vita and be able to then just download the PS3 versions without also having to DL the Vita ones? If it is possible it'd definitely be helpful.


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    It might be easier to add items to your download queue via browser, then when you turn on your system they should start downloading.


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      Yeah this has been a problem for a long time. And also the whole thing having to download on PS3 before PS4 blah blah

      Seems these should all be easy fixes for such talented, experienced developers, but it never happens