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    I was reading a book the other day, about how organizations spend more time trying to understand and fix what they did wrong rather than understand and enhance what they did well. The book suggests the outcomes from building on success are greater than those building on failure.


    I'm looking forward to the release of the next alien tables. I'm not too interested in playing any of the existing tables tonight (I brag? that I own them all). I was wishfullly thinking to myself if some of the tables were slightly updated or given enhancements I would be excited to play them again. You know that exciting feeling of Zen Pinball I'm talkin' about right? I decided to pretend I was a mad gaming scientist with complete control and I would update the 2 most popular and 2 least popular tables to test the hypothesis in the book.


    I decided to call it, Operation Facelift, because it is my fantasy world your in.

    Operations Facelift will begin with obtaining the voice of the customer, specifically, identify specific features, effects, and patterns that made those tables the most or least popular. Based on the most popular responses reengineer the tables to enhance as farily (same amount of resources) as possible the best and worst tables. Sell the "alternate table" as downloadable content, maybe at a reduced cost to a new release game. Alternates would appear as tiles directly behind and to the right of the original tile in the current table list menu.

    Yes of course I'd get measurment on customer satisfaction before and after the change, see if the most popular or least popular tables have the most improvement and/or the highest satsifaction scores. I'm a mad scietist testing a hypothesis.


    ......"What are we going to do today Brain!".....

    I've decided, since I'm in charge I will pick...

    Two Best
    -Infinity Gauntlet

    Two Worst
    -Secrets of the Deep


    Waking up.
    Look forward to Aliens.
    Thanks to anyone who actually read this, wow.
    Zen Studios....Thanks for keeping the content coming, I love your work.

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