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PS4 - Glitched 'Bombs Away' Trophy (Marvel's Women Of Power)

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  • PS4 - Glitched 'Bombs Away' Trophy (Marvel's Women Of Power)

    Not sure why, but the trophy never popped for me, after I spelled 'BOOM' by hitting the ramp 4 times. I was playing without changing any game settings, so the trophies should be enabled. Here's video proof. How do I get this to work? Tried twice already, same results:

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    Thanks for the report and video! I'll have the team check it out


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      Heard reports of this on other sites too so this isn't an isolated incident.

      Not sure of Eternal will come back here to update but I saw that he said on that it did unlock after a third try.

      Worked for me on PS3/PS4/PS Vita for what it's worth.
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        Not glitched

        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
        Thanks for the report and video! I'll have the team check it out
        The trophy is not glitched by the way

        Actually don't ever think I've seen a zen pinball trophy glitched they are real good about that.

        The 1 report you had from eternal was just from a lack of understanding the table.

        There are several reports of bombshell coming out before you spell BOOM in a different mode. she comes out electrifies table and screws with your ball. his situation was unique because she came out the wrong way Simultaneously that he finished the letters

        Notice when you do it the right way (spell boom with the 4 cross ramp shots) she jumps out and hits the ground slam and trophy pops.

        But watch eternal's video - on the DMD he hits a squirrel girl spinner -- this gives a random reward. The first time he gets a kickback save however the next time the reward says "spell BOOM" then he hits the cross ramp to get the last letter M right after that. thus, he brought her out in the table the wrong way while simultaneously getting the last letter the right way so one mode cancelled out the other mode. Had he not gotten that particular random reward he would have earned the trophy.

        He activated that mode at exactly the time he maybe spelled it the right way but that mode took priority and he didn't get the trophy.

        So it's not glitched that was just a unique occurrence. Most of the other reports of her coming out without having spelled boom fully (probably the same random reward or activating spider Gwen or other modes) however, those people didn't expect the trophy as eternal expected it because his was simultaneous., while others knew they didn't spell boom all the way. So eternal assumed or claimed it may be glitched - even though it wasn't he just didn't see the spinner and DMD before he made the cross ramp shot and didn't know about the random reward.

        This also explains mine- she was already out but all I had was the B. While she was already out I finished spelling OOM and the trophy unlocked because I didn't activate that mode simultaneously she had already been out on the table for a while.

        So I say not glitched but under certain unique parameters and modes activating at just the same time you exactly spell boom you could lose out because of one mode taking priority over another mode

        Hope this makes sense and I'm not just rambling

        But the video evidence is there if you watch it.