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    Yes I can confirm that I downloaded South Park DLC a few days ago (zp2-ps3). It took some time to find it on my download list in ps store though.

    (I think I deleted this message by mistake, so I'm posting again)


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      Super League Football

      I sent a mail to [email protected] and I got a reply about the delisted tables.

      "Hi, first of all, thanks for the amazing pinball experience.

      I'd like to report a bug. When I use slow motion/rewind functions, one or both flippers act as if I'm holding them up and they stay like that until I move them again. This is Pinball FX3 on PS4. Happened multiple times on different tables.

      And I'd like to learn about the delisted football table from Zen Pinball 2. That is the only table I'm missing and I've been waiting for a long time to get a generic replacement with the same trophies. This has been mentioned by the former community manager on zen studios forum, but we haven't got anything yet.

      And while you're at it, why not give us a chance to buy missing tables from the original Zen Pinball? I want to give my money to you guys, come on "

      And this was the answer to it;


      thank you for the bug report, we really appreciate it it's probably caused by a micro fps lag but we are look into that.

      About the delisted tables, because of the FX3 and new content releases we had to postpone them but it'll be released next year. So sorry for this!

      Kind regards,

      I assume Gabor here only meant Super League Football, cause I don't think they'll ever release the original Zen Pinball tables again. But that would be amazing.


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        Super league football

        That is awesome news. It might actually motivate me to play again - and part with money to buy the rest of the tables I need for zen pinball 2. Thanks for assisting mate


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          Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
          Due to licensing changes between Zen Studios and the Football (soccer) Clubs, Super League Football is no longer available to purchase. We are planning on reintroducing the non-licensed Zen Studios F.C. table at a later date, so please keep an eye out in the future for its return.
          So, after all this years .... what's the problem?


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            Originally posted by overall_fanatic View Post
            So, after all this years .... what's the problem?
            Hey there,
            as I mentioned in my mail to emboliformis, we have plans for this year with the releases but right now I'm not allowed to tell anything specific about them.
            Please stay tuned on our social media sites like Twitter or Facebook!

            Have a nice week!


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              Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to the new releases and a chance to obtain these 2 football trophies


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                Still no news. It's frustrating to know that you can't get those relatively simple 2 trophies (actually 4 for me; 2 from ps3, 2 from ps4). I hope you guys release it soon.


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                  Another month passed with no news or updates. I'm beginning to lose my hope


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                    There are still no news or updates


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                      Super League Football w

                      Hoping someone can help as I cant see how to do this.

                      Is it possible to leave a Super League once youve entered one? Ive got 2 teams in one league but I want to take 1 out and put it into another league but cant find the option to let me remove my team.

                      Hopefully its just something Im missing and that youre not allowed to


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                        And another YEAR is over since the last comment ... I don't believe the statments any longer about plans to bring this table back. Must be easy to give all customers who buyed a special club version the standart Zen Club version.....


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                          Will someone at least tell us if they aren't going to release this? I've been waiting for this for a long time.