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Request control option for people with disabilities

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  • Request control option for people with disabilities

    My grandson had a stroke at birth - long story. His left hand doesn't work well (almost at all). He loves Zen Pinball but he can't effectively use the left flipper actuation buttons.

    I'd like to request a control option to allow activation of all flippers by any flipper button.


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    first of all, we would like to give our best wishes to you and your grandson, and thank you for enjoying Zen Pinball! This is a very important issue that you shed light on, one we have overlooked in the past.

    What I can tell you right now is that our game designers had a talk about this issue, and are trying to come up with the best solution for one-handed control. We'll try to think of something and find a way to integrate it into the game.

    To be perfectly honest, it may take some time to go through with the process, so please stay tuned, I'll update this thread if we have any developments!


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      Thanks for giving this some thought, as well as the timely response. It's certainly appreciated.

      Suggestion: Mixing the controls - trigger 1 (left and right 1) for the right flipper, trigger 2 (left and right 2) for left controller. (Or the other way around.) That way both flippers could be controlled from either side.

      Not to worry, patience is something we have.

      Be well,