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Purchased Tables will NOT load

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  • McLovin
    Hi guys!

    We are trying to help everyone as much as we can, hopefully a general solution will present itself at some point.

    If anyone has problems there are a couple of solutions which can get you back tables.

    Checking your Download List on the console, checking your Download List on to see if there is a 'Download to PS4 solution' available for the missing DLC.

    You can try renewing licenses on the console, then hitting the import button in-game.

    These solutions were ultimately successful for a number of players but they have not proven to be all-encompassing.

    Thanks for your patience if we have anything new we'll update everyone!

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  • lovedaddy
    Thing is, I suspect they did this to try and benefit consumers - have a single codebase, single set of tables over all platforms, single renderer etc, and remove Pinball 2 from stores to reduce the burden on support.

    However, in the process they have screwed over many of their long term customers. Even better the total lack of empathy or willingness to offer compensation from support is disgusting. If they had said 'look, sorry hands up, we didn't see that as being a problem, but now there isn't anything we can do.... looks like we've basically lost you 5 tables from Pinball FX3, how about we give you codes for the next 5 tables we release' - I'd have probably been happy, instead they push the burden onto the consumer, ie me, to mess about contacting sony support to get a refund. Which I'm going to, screw these guys, I'll take my 60 quid and never give another penny to this crooked developer unless something changes.

    Oh and in the meantime, I'm going to post on every public forum I can find warning people. Twitter, Reddit, Steam forums. Recommend anyone else been screwed to do the same.

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  • DragonLord
    This is exactly what i've done, called Sony for a refund becouse of false information in the items description.
    I'm also one of those who tricked by this, and wanted to stick with Zen Pinball 2, but Zen likes to push FX3 instead. I would have no problem with this but as you mentioned before, there's not all tables available in FX3 and one of my favourite feautres, stereoscopic 3D is cut from FX3 for some reason.

    For now, i'm done with this company. Until they fix these issues, i just inform as many people as possible to be cautious about buying their pinball games and tables.

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  • lovedaddy
    Almost a month later and still no resolution.

    Wild west rampage
    Epic Quest
    Secrets of the deep
    Earth Defense
    Doctor Strange
    Avengers age of ultron
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Captain America
    Civil War
    Ghost Rider
    Moon Knight
    Fantastic Four
    Star Wars: Rebels
    Star Wars: return of the jedi
    Star Wars: Starfighter assault
    Star Wars: Darth Vader
    Star Wars: Epidode V
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    Star Wars: Boba Fett
    South Park Pinball
    South Park Butters very own table
    The Walking Dead
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    Plants vs Zombies
    Street Fighter 2

    All purchased on Ps3 as cross buy titles, but never downloaded on ps4 (as didn't have access to one). Now you have closed the store front for ZenPinball 2, which means I can't ever download and use the content I've purchased, on the Ps4 that I've just got.

    Round and round with support, try clicking import, try downloading all again etc. None of these tiles / tables appear in my list as a PS4 download as they were never downloaded on the ps4 at purchase time.

    Don't say 'play them in Zen Pinball 3' - not all of these are available on that.

    Whats the solution here, do I get Sony involved for a refund?

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  • Chili
    Hey Lovedaddy! Please write a message to [email protected] , hope we can help you out!

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  • lovedaddy
    Did anyone ever get a solution to this - same deal, got a ps4, can't download previous undownloaded content. Effectively removed the ability to get cross play tables we've paid for, unless already in your download list.

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    problem import tables ps4 zen2.

    Hello communauty,i have a problem for imports the tables on my ps4, i buy the tables on ps3/vita but on my ps4,nothing excepte the bundle saison1 work,the rest nothing.On playstation store browser nothing just ps3/vita. i have pinball fx3 and no probleme on this,61/68tables.PLEASE help me i'm frustred not playing zen2 on my ps4.thx in advance.
    sorry for my bad english.

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  • Ace_Rifleman
    I replied to the email. It is not working. I see content for ps3 and vita but I dont own either of those. PS4 on several tables is missing in the store.

    I am doing the “download list” method and PS4 store way, but there is no listing for Doctor Strange for PS4 - just Vita and PS3. And same for Star Wars Balance of the Force, and Star Wars Heroes Within, Mars, Super Street Fighter II, Paranormal, Civil War, Marvel Pinball Original Pack, Excalibur, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, so on and so on

    Your ps4 tables content is simply NOT even listed.

    Originally posted by McLovin View Post
    Hey Ace, I've answered your email, check it out!

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  • McLovin
    Hey Ace, I've answered your email, check it out!

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  • Ace_Rifleman
    started a topic Purchased Tables will NOT load

    Purchased Tables will NOT load

    ATTENTION ZEN STUDIOS - you took my money and now I cant access most of my tables.

    I am on a PS4. About 2 years ago I went on a spending spree and bought several tables - like 12-15. I remember having Tesela and Civil War and several others like Boba Fett and such. I had to make room on my Hard Drive and so I removed Zen Pinball 2 but knew I could reload it later.

    Well I have and only a fraction of my table came back. Went to store and they say that content is no longer available. Yet clearly they are still selling it.

    I have renewed all of my licenses and that did not help. Please advice ASAP and send PM as needed. I am new here.

    My PSN ID is Ace_Rifleman