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Missing newly purchased table

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  • Missing newly purchased table

    Second time to try this posting, the first time just seemed to disappear and is not listed anywhere not even under profile activity.

    I just downloaded the game and purchased a table to play. When I try to go play that table it only shows download and play option for that table. When I try that it goes to a psn window that says "No content found" I have restarted the game several times, I have made sure it is download and so is the "unlock".

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    Mine too!!!

    I can't seem to get any of my tables to unlock on the PS4. Plus the "Soccer" isn't anywhere in the menus. I've tried uninstalling Zen then reinstalling. Nothing. I've tried to delete and reinstall the demos and key unlocks downloads. Nothing. The keys and demos download from the store just fine and they they're installed, then I go to in game menu and it says I should download and play. Then I get a no content found page from the PSN store.
    I've tried "importing" the tables through Zen and I get a huge list of all my tables and the download arrow isn't clickable.
    I've even tried restoring my licenses in the PS4 settings. I've tried deactivating my Pro as the primary and then reactivating it. I don't know what to do.
    Does having another PS4 with all the tables on it make a difference? Having an external hdd be a problem?
    I can't even play the FREE table!
    Oh and everything was bought on the PS3 or Vita, none from the PS4.


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      Did you get more? @Beaver
      I am cool girl, lollol


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        My brother had the same problems. Then he bought PS4)


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          Yep, I said this before, Zen have delisted all their content from the PSN stores - so content you have paid for as cross platform (ie ps3 purchase and now want to play on the ps4) - if you didn't download on your PS4 before the de-listing you can't ever download.

          Ie, they have deleted stuff from the store which you have paid for. Scummy business, dont trust them.