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Silent Over & out for ZEN2 after FX3?

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  • Silent Over & out for ZEN2 after FX3?

    I'm supporting Zen from the very beginning, on the PS3. Later I bought a Vita for the main reason playing Pinball on it.

    So, I started with Zen, Marvel Pinball, Zen 2 and Star Wars Pinball. Best support I must say over the years and one company that also not ignore the Vita.

    Now, with both PS3, Vita and PS4 the "new" FX 3 started:
    Some tables are missing, 3D support that I liked very much is missing and tables are now coming for FX 3 and not for "old" Zen 2.

    This made me sad, I know I'd would be a little bit more work but I'd like to see and play new tables on the Vita.

    For the PS4 nearly all Tables and the Main Zen 2 is vanished from the store...

    Is this the silent over & out for the PS3 and Vita?

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    They have confirmed on a few posts now, that they are no longer supporting last generation consoles (PS3, 360, Wii-U) and the Vita.


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      Silent Over out for ZEN2 after FX3

      Thanks for the heads up. In the one pic with Akira, the other dude and the blonde gal, who are they I wonder?