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Can you skip the intros on PS3? It takes minutes before you can actually play :(

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  • Can you skip the intros on PS3? It takes minutes before you can actually play :(

    Hi gang!

    Now: I'm well aware that the PS3 is old school and probably also no longer supported, but I figured I could always ask.

    Last weekend I re-discovered Zen Pinball on my PS3 and also found out that I had purchased some stuff for ZP2 as well. Apparently I deleted the whole game and after I re-downloaded and re-installed the whole thing I quickly found out why: whenever I try to play a table (so: one I actually bought) then the game insists on showing the whole table first, without any way to interrupt this.

    The matrix display does say "press launch to start" but when I press X (launch) I only hear a clicking sound and thats it. It seems that you can only press launch at certain moments during the demo, but any other than that the whole thing is locked. So basically: you click "play table", the table loads and when you try to play it you then have to wait for several minutes before it finally starts.

    Back then I removed the whole thing and never looked back (also discovered "other products") but yeah, it always puzzled me: is this a bug, is this by design (if so then it's a pretty poor one in my opinion) or... what?

    As said: I realize this version is no longer supported, but I'm curious. Esp. now that I found out that you guys have a forum.

    But as much as I dislike Zen Pinball 2 for reasons above I still seriously enjoy version 1. That was pretty different from other pinball games and still very much enjoyable. Nothing over the top, good gameplay... fun!

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    Not on my PS3. And I never had this problems over the years...