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Full tilt bundle for PlayStation 3!!!

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  • Full tilt bundle for PlayStation 3!!!

    I own all of the tables already on Xbox 360 and the Xbox One and now have decided to also buy PlayStation 3 and soon a PlayStation 4. I've been buying tables for the Playstation 3 a few at a time, and now I want to consider purchasing what is called the Full Tilt bundle for $45.

    I can't find a list of the actual tables that come with that Full Tilt bundle for $45 so I can see if it's worth it considering I own many of the tables in it already. Can you tell me exactly what comes with that package? The Full Tilt bundle says it has Marvel season1 and Marvel season 2 and Zen Studios original 4 pack with bio lab excetera plus Sorcerer's Lair. But what tables come with Marvel season1 and what tables are in Marvel season 2?
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