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    Hello everyone,,,

    I just saw Pinball FX2 VR was coming to one of the other VR headsets and was wondering (and really, really hoping) if a similar Zen VR would be coming to PS VR when it comes out in October?
    I'Ve been super excited about PS VR but had never even thought about pinball on it. Now, Pinball is right up there with racing games as to what I'm looking forward to the most.
    I don't have a gaming PC, and the cost of getting one plus a $600-$800 VR headset is just too much for me. But I do already have a PS4 and am planning on getting a PS VR at launch. Zen VR would definitely be the first game I'd want to play.
    I know Zen Pinball 3 has been planned. This would be the perfect ZP3.
    (Just please, by then, take all versions of the soccer table off of the Pro-score leaderboard )
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    They already have Pinball FX 2 VR available on the PS4. It's been out for two years now.