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Cannot redownload Zen Pinball 2 - PS4

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  • Cannot redownload Zen Pinball 2 - PS4

    Hello everyone,,
    I have tried multiple ways to redownload the core software platform to get Zen Pinball back on my PS4. When I go to my library it flashes the download link for half a second and then takes me back to the main screen. I've tried hitting the download button real quick but it is to no avail. Went to the play for free link but when I enter on PSN it has it marked as Purchased but there is no way to click it to redownload it. Tried downloading the Sorcerer's Table in demo thinking that it might also place the core program with it but that didn't work. I feel like I'm missing a simple way to do this. Anything I haven't tried or that I'm missing would be appreciated.
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    Try going to the PC version of the PS Store. You'll get full access to your download list. It'll take some digging, but you'll be can queue it up directly and it'll automatically download to your PS4 the next time you turn it on.