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  • ZEN Pinball - Sorcerer's Lair

    Yes, this is an official table announcement!

    We are excited to announce Sorcerer's Lair for ZEN Pinball! This brand new fantasy themed table will release April 26 in North America, and April 27 in Europe.

    It is hard to believe that this is our SEVENTH expansion for ZEN Pinball. We truly thank all of you for allowing us to continue working on a game we love so much (how many other games out there continue to stay alive after this much time???).

    We will be giving a few codes away early to forum members so you can play the table early. We would really like your feedback. Codes will be given via private message.

    Make sure to visit the PlayStation Blog today at 2:00 PM PST to get first peeks at the trailer and screenshots.


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    I'm really looking forward to this table. I saw some videos of the Android version and it looks really neat.

    I'm quite curious on how the table will look on a full screen TV, compared to a small 4" screen from the videos that I've seen. However, I'm not too concerned. You guys have been pretty good at making ports.

    One question though! Will this table have multi-track music like the Marvel Pinball tables? Or will it be like the previous Zen Pinball tables, that only have one audio track that plays continuously?
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      I love what you guys are doing at Zen. Supporting two pinball games at one time. Can't wait till i get my PS3, then i'll wait for this one to come out!



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        This is the news I've been waiting for


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          Uuuuuuuuh YEAAAAH!

          Caaaaan´t wait
          I bought both platforms (PS3 & Xbox360) only because of "Zen Pinball", got all Tables. I am so thankful that you guys keeping pinball alive!
          (since Pinball Dreams/Phantasies, ProPinball Series, SlamTilt, Visual Pinball...)

          Rock on


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            Nice one, always exciting to have brand new tables to try out and get use to.


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              And here is the trophy list for the table.


              Quick handed:
              Score a 6-way combo!


              Slingshot Master:
              Defeat all 10 spiders in the Arachnid Attack cellar mode within 20 seconds from start.


              Enrage the ent by completing Forest Loops and beat it during the hurry up mode!


              Midnight Madness:
              Complete the final mission: Midnight Madness!


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                Awesome news!

                Fantastic! I am absolutely looking forward to this table. Thank you so much for making a wonderful game that I have managed to get my brother's family on their PlayStation 3 to also play. Keep up the good work and I hope that we still have many more new tables to come as well. I cannot wait to try this spectacularly cool looking new table out soon! Have a wonderful week, friends!


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                  Love the trailer.... the mini game looks cool. The whole theme is done well. Love the table logo, too. Could just be the best table to play, yet. Have to wait and see!!


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                    Please give me a code for this table. So jealous of the guys who are able to play Mars before the 20th. Pretty please .

                    Edit: Just realised I posted this from my mobile on the Zen pinball forum. I thought this was for Xbox too. Never mind, I'd still like a code as I have PS3 and XBox and both Zen Studios pinball games.
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                      Here is a link to the PlayStation Blog post (trailer now live)

                      Pinball Wizards rejoice! Today we are unveiling Sorcerer’s Lair, a brand new ZEN Pinball table! It has been awhile since our last blog, but we hope you have been enjoying Marvel Pinball and keeping your skills sharp on other ZEN Pinball tables. All eight of our studio pinball teams have been hard at work over [...]


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                        I too would love to have a code for this table. I have bought all other tables as well as Marvel Pinball and have encouraged my brother to do the same on his system. I also was first to post on the Blog link! I absolutely would be willing to provide feedback as well if I have a chance to sample the table. Thanks for your time and consideration!


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                          Looks great!

                          Really like the lighting effects (NiteGlo balls are sweet) and the look of the cellar/dungeon mini-game.


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                            Originally posted by Womble View Post
                            Really like the lighting effects (NiteGlo balls are sweet) and the look of the cellar/dungeon mini-game.
                            Yeah! It looks similar to the Blade table. I really like those type of lighting effects.


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                              yeah that sounds and look good! now we have to wait til 27th april! i hope the time will go fast