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    Greetings all,

    My name is Marcus Fant, site admin for When I'm not writing reviews, previews or rants...I'm playing Marvel Pinball on my PS3! I've written a couple of comments and asked a few questions in the forums, to which I have received a great deal of feedback! The thing that bugs me most about the game is the lack of a tourney feature that we can hop in on a regular basis. That's why I'm here representing the website. is going to have a major aesthetic overhaul come February and we think it proper to give our initial layout a proper send-off and welcome in 2012 with some fun! So what are the other reasons we're holding the tournament?

    Well, it's not a FPS, easily falls into my vision for a driven and active community and brings us some attention

    Beginning Jan. 15th we'll be tallying RSVPs on our Facebook page to figure out how many people are interested and how many people are going to battle for that $20 PSN code! I will say that the table we're using is the Captain America table..

    I don't wish to risk spamming on the forum, so head over to our event page
    to check out more details and if you don't want to interact with Facebook but want to participate leave a comment here and I'll get back to you asap.

    Thank you and hope to see you soon!

    Update: I posted the PSN Handle near in the threads, but for those who don't venture further down it's Game_Till_Dawn to join in.
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    HI Butterfly_MAC

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      making sense

      What's up!?

      Note: I would have added the sign-up (rsvp) details specifically on the site, however I'm phasing out of that layout and into another. Also, the prospect of a plugin also works against the grain. I figured a week would be ample time to get players stirred up for the event.


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        I'll probably give this tournament a try, even though its not my favorite table.

        Its nice to see other tournaments besides official Zen tourneys. I assume that it will be set up so that high scorer takes all?


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          King of the Hill

          Yes, Switchblade that's the case. I have more details in the link, but the premise is the highest scorer wins the $20 PSN code. If this tournament gets enough players, we will definitely run another one (even doing a poll for which table), shooting for at least once a month as of right now.


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            I'd like to participate.
            PSN: Bearded_Warrior

            Table Wishlist: Lord of the Rings, God of War, Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda, and Marvel's Archangel.


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              Good stuff! Also, if you have a camera even better! I'll be on constantly that week so as to be available as possible. I wish more devs incorporated the camera feature the way Zen does with this game.

              Note: I'll frequent the forum along the way, to get a handle on all the users participating. I"ll start sending out the site's PSN handle by the 18th.


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                It looks like I might have jumped the gun with my last post (deleted it).

                I can't make any promises, but I will try to participate in the tournament.


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                  No worries! It will be a week long event, unless I don't get that many people involved; then I'll have to reformat the tournament to a more personal-style event. A lot of views, but not many participants so far! I'm learning valuable lessons Game Till Dawn is an unknown, but we're genuine. We really do want to promote more tournaments like this one.


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                    I'd like to participate but I'm not using facebook and I dont want to register there. PSNID: Zuch80


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                      The more the better. Even if you're not the best player or you dont like this table, sign up anyway. I'd like to see Game Till Dawn run more tournaments and if only a few compete, that might not happen. Maybe the next tourney they organize will be your favorite or best table.


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                        Update: PSN Handle

                        Now that I've effectively opened up my schedule for the remainder of the week, our profile is now setup! So if you're not only interested, but going to participate, add our PSN handle: Game_Till_Dawn. I wish I knew of a way to get a logo as an avatar...


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                          Originally posted by Butterfly_MAC
                          Now that I've effectively opened up my schedule for the remainder of the week, our profile is now setup! So if you're not only interested, but going to participate, add our PSN handle: Game_Till_Dawn. I wish I knew of a way to get a logo as an avatar...
                          I haven't tried in awhile, but the last time i tried I couldn't get an avatar to work either. It was a problem with the site. I think thats why very few people have an avatar.

                          I will add your PSN name next time i log on.


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                            I'm not certain how you're planning on monitoring the leaderboard for high scores, but I believe Sony resets their weekly high score leaderboard sometime Tuesday evening East coast time. So if someone puts up a high score on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday before the reset, it wont be on Sonys weekly leaderboard when the tourney ends the next weekend.


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                              According to an email I got from Zen, the weeklys run from Sun. to Sun. If you have evidence against it, say something you've noticed on your friends list up till sometime Tues. I'll send them another email. It's relative EST.