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Civil War — Suddenly my upper right flippers are bugged!

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  • Civil War — Suddenly my upper right flippers are bugged!

    Loaded up the game today to find that the two upper right flippers are both bugged so that holding the flipper button to activate them actually causes them to flip into their normal resting, inactive state. Holding no buttons, they are pointing about 45 degrees to the right!

    Here's the link to an imgur album of pictures and decrptions I took with my phone showing what I'm talking about: (Apologies for the iPhone 4 quality.)

    What happened here?

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    Just to update anyone else that encounters this issue: I've fixed the issue by simply deleting the Civil War save located under the Saved Game Utility of the Game column on the XMB.

    The only thing this save seems to contain is where you quit on each particular table so that you can resume playing in the same state later. Data like local high scores and audits (seem to be) all contained in a separate, generic Zen Pinball 2 save file, so none of that was affected.

    I believe this issue came about when I was attempting to delete that same save in order to try and wipe the history of the Stamford Multiball high-score that gets applied to your overall score at the beginning of every game; it was at 9.6 million, and I basically just wanted to see it change from time to time again since I haven't been able to top it in a long time (don't ask, I'm weird). Clearing the audits and history from the operator's menu would wipe the score from displaying, but it kept applying the 9.6 million no matter what the "new" score saved as. I deleted that save, and when that didn't do anything, re-downloaded it from Online Storage. That's when the problem arose.
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      I have the game but I deleted it off the hard drive a long time ago (I would have to redownload everything again), since it was redundant. ZP1 learderboards only displays the top scores (all time, weekly and fastest minute). Pro and team scores don't exist on ZP1.