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  • Vertical view

    Hello, I think most of us have TFT screen which can rotate. May it would be possible to add a view in the vertical way, it that case we will be close of a real flipper. What do you think?

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    yes I want to make a view for an LCD TV that, please, please.
    Then you can also play on a Zen Pinball Hyperpin the Währe the hammer.
    Does that please, please, please ....

    Youtube ---> HyperPin! Great! please Arcade Mode for Zen Pinball!

    Mfg Olli

    german User


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      no answer pity! A lot of the new perspective it will also Zen Pinball Hyper Pins Pinball equipment running. Please BIIT beat that! Also pay for such a MEGA update! Mfg Olli


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        I registered, just so I can bring up this issue. Ikaruga and a couple other shooters for XBLA have a vertical screen mode. Pinball video games would benefit immensely from being rendered vertically.

        Can this option be added to Zen Pinball, Pinball FX, Pinball FX2? Put a triple warning confirmation on the option if you have to, to cover yourself in case someone's TV isn't capable of being rotated vertically safely/without damage.

        I might buy PFX and some PFX2 tables if there is a vertical option. Otherwise I will pass.


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          Hey, what do you mean most of us can rotate our tv??? lol My tv just sits there not rotating at all! I have to say though that I love the idea if my tv DID rotate!


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            The larger monitors or TV's do not rotate anymore. My monitor cannot rotate.
            I think it would be hell for Zen to reprogram all tables once again to enable a feature like that.

            Would you really rotate your monitor every time you switched playing other games ?

            I am perfectly happy the way it is now. (Or whats next ? Multiple screens ?)

            Kind regards,


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              I think this would be very easy.

              This option should be easy for ZEN to figure out. They would only need a fixed camera angle since most would be utilizing the Vertical Viewing Mode for a full table view anyway. What would be sic is flipper buttons and nudge joy-sticks for the thumbs!

              Looks like HyperPin has the right idea. Think how cool it would be to have one table with a hundred tables in memory!

              I would buy a dedicated system to run this.

              I see Zen doing this as long as there are enough fans out there requesting it. They could charge us for the option. I'd pay for that if I could rotate my TV. Just need to get some crazy wall mount now (yikes, plasma is heavy).