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  • Future tables i would love to see

    We all know that Ghost Rider, Captain America, Hulk and the Fantastic Four are the next Marvel tables to come our way, and judging from the voting poll, in that order. That being said I have a few others that I would love to see follow suit.

    Black Panter; With a 3-D model of Panther himself on the table ala Wolverine and Blade. The table would be a jungle setting with Wakanda in the background, lots of greens and foilage. His 3-D model villains ought to be Klaw and Man-Ape.

    Dare Devil; Table setting at night, Hell's kitchen- city-scape. Have Elektra, Bullseye, Kingpin and the Owl factor in. Use his radar senses somehow, lots of flashing red lights, ping sounds etc.

    Silver Surfer; Use Jack Kirby art, in space, lots of colors to detail the cosmos. Galactus and a few fellow Heralds to be featured as well.

    Heroes for Hire; Luke Cage and Iron Fist; Use the classic 70's looks and go nuts. I think it would kick ass! Luke Trash talking. The powered up ball could have the look of Iron Fist's charged hands bouncing around the table.

    Punisher; Lots of skulls, guns and gunfire sounds. 3-D model of Punisher and thugs in a shoot out. Jig-Saw and King-Pin models featured too. Frank talking tough and making threats throughout.

    Nick Fury Agent of Shield; Shield heli-carrier setting, classic Fury look. Not knocking the Ulitmates look, just that I am old school. Aim and Hydra running amok on the table. Fury barking orders, taking names and kicking ass!

    Alpha Flight, because I am Canadian! Guardian, Sasquatch, Puck, Shaman, Snowbird, Northstar and Aurora. Or Omega Flight with Guardian, Sasquatch, US Agent, Beta Ray Bill and Spider-Woman (Arachne).

    X-men; Danger-room setting, so many to mention...Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Beast, Wolverine, Ice man, Havoc, Storm and Jean Grey. Just so much to fit on one table. Good luck Zen.

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    Nice list

    I can't lie and say I wouldn't want to see Venom lol

    A secret wars and civil wars theme could be interesting too I think. If it could be done without being too busy.


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      Tables we would want to see, huh??? Okay, knowing we all have different opinions, here are mine:

      1) Dr. Strange Table: Now, this table I would LOVE to see more than any other. The background could be Ditko's art or Colan/Palmer for the best psychadelic effects. He has a fantastic rogues gallery consisting of characters like: Dormammu, Nightmare, Shuma-Gorath, Eternity, The Living Tribunal and Baron Mordo. Related images could be The Defenders, the Illuminati, Clea, The Ancient One and Wong. I would go crazy for this table!!!

      2) Thor Table: I would vote for the background being Asgard centered primarily around the rainbow bridge (Bifrost) taking prominence on the table. Villains could be Loki (of course), Frost Giants, Surtur, maybe Hela. Related images could be Beta Ray Bill, Donald Blake, The Warriors Three, Sif, Odin and the Avengers

      3) Cosmic Table: Not in the theme of picking a singular hero, but sounds to me like an awesome idea. Possible inclusions: Galactus, Uatu the Watcher, the Skrulls, the Inhumans, Thanos, Silver Surfer, and Eternity (again).

      4) Marvel Zombie Table: Self explanatory. Sounds fun for the kids (if they don't insist on a Deadpool table).

      ...And I totally agree about the Black Panther table too!!!
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        A Runaways table would be most amazing.

        An Avengers table would be very cool, too.

        Oh and two Civil War tables, one for each side in the conflict.

        Some Skrull themed thing would be awesome as well...


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          Been giving some thought on this question myself, but here's the top ten Character Tables and Top Event Tables I'd like to see once we go past the FF, Ghost Rider, Captain America and Hulk...


          1. Daredevil

          As stated the most logical street level character after Spidey. Focus on his enemies Kingpin, Tyfoid Mary and Bullseye plus his sometimes lover Elektra. The board should defintely reflect the character and have something not unlike the day/night thing with Blade and the alter ego activities of Matt Murdock, Lawyer for Hire. Players should have the twisting aerobatic style of DD in the ramps, maybe even a blind justice model on the board to bring the ball up and down levels! Players might be required to dodge knives with Bullseye and even use the extra senory powers to determine the postion of the tergets when Kingpin throws the city into darkness!

          2. Deadpool

          Face it, you need this guy on a pinball table, complete with swammy comments about your playing style. The Merc for Hire should have means to teleport the ball round and undertake a great number of missions for hard earned cash... or points rather. Only problem is a lack of specific Deadpool enemies, though the game could quite easily feature a mix of bad guys and heroes for him to combat. Oh and the board to feel aboslutely crazy and OTT... just like the man himself.

          3. Black Widow

          One important factor is for the developers to not feel limited to just male heroes. Heroines deserve their own boards too and with Black Widow all the range these days with her own comic and movie appearance, she might suit her own board very nicely. It should probably feel like Nastatha herself - brutal and a little bit sexy. Russian bad guys like Crimson Dymano and even her blonde haired evil counterpart could appear - the theme should be spies and the outdated Cold War era feel. Ok, granted Nick Fury could probably deserve this point a little more, but it's important for the Marvel ladies to get their own stuff too! Speaking of which...

          4. Ms Marvel

          Marvel's answer to Wonder Woman. Or is that Storm? Well in any case, Carol Danvers is a powerful hot-blooded lady whose managed all too often to carry her own comic splendidly and is certainly what someone could call a 'fan favourite'. And with her links both to SHIELD and the Cosmic universe with her connections to deseased Captain Marvel, she's perhaps the strongest contender for a solo board for the ladies of Marvel. Her board needs to suggest flight and sheer power - balls to be cosmic charged as you score them away. A military feel too with her ties to the US Army and also her strange alternate personalities like Binary and Warbird, and of course her tragic connection to X-Lady Rogue and ties to the Avengers.

          Other notable options for Girl only boards - She-Hulk, Storm, Rogue, Mystique, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Spider-Woman, Emma Frost. Those are off my head, I'm sure there's more.

          5. Thor

          This is pretty much on the cards really but my thoughts... Loki as the main enemy with Surtur, Hela, the Wrecking Crew and the Radioactive Man as possible side-enemies. Focus should probably be on Asgard over that of Midgard but it may be interesting to have a means of play which allows switching between the two, and it would be interesting to see if the modern Asgard with Oklaoma would be included. Also have the alter ego and medical theme reflected on play with Donald Blake. Allies like the Warriors Three, Beta Ray Bill, Sif and Odin himself are a must.

          6. Avengers

          Pinballers assemble! This board will have a hard task of reflecting some or all the eras of the mighty team but it's going to be fun to see what they come up with. Certainly it should be important to give the lesser members some time since the four core classic members will have their own boards by this stage (and if I need to say who they are, you're not really trying). But Giant Man, Hercules, Hawkeye, Vision, Wasp and Sentry - all could at least camo on the board. Villains should be perhaps randomised - the Masters of Evil led by Baron Zemo, an attack by the Hulk, Kang the Conquerer, Ultron, Korvac... the list is pretty endless and I doubt we'd get them all but one can dream. But this table needs that epic feel to it, usage of the Quidjet and Avengers Mansion. And possibly this board should be the launching ground for some of the more modern groups like the New or Young Avengers.

          7. X-Men

          Another Uncanny yet Xtreme grauanteed board. X-Men like Avengers has a huge cast list and is much its own universe, and it might be hard pressed to include as much of it as possible (in other words it makes sense they'd picked Wolverine first). But to it - a number of X-Men enemies, chief of all Magneto and the Brotherhood, though Bastion and the Sentinels, Mr Sinister, Apocalypse, Reverend Stryker and his Purifiers and the Hellfire Club are all decent mutant-fighting bad dudes for the Mutants to battle. Play should include a number of elements reflecting different members, with Xavier on hand to offer advice to players as they spin round the Danger Room, X-Mansion, Asteroid M, the Savage Land and a number of other possible places.

          Oh and of couse... the Fastball Special. Why do you think I picked the name, bub?

          8. Venom

          Again, boards shouldn't be limited to male heroes - villains should also get a chance to throw those pinballs into their own wicked tables, and top of the list is Venom. This table should be covered in his disgusting symbiotic goo, with tendrils and toungues to blast the black ball round the rapidly infected table. The lead villain on the table is of couse Carnage, who like Venom should appear in his classic incarnation (aka Eddie Brock) but Venom should also be able to tackle his hated enemy Spider-Man and a number of other possible street levels heroes like Punisher or Black Cat. All leading to a show down with his sadistic offspring and the chance to eat all the brains we ever want....

          9. Nova

          Why Nova over other cosmic based heroes and groups? Two words: Green Lantern. The guy's about to shine over at DC with his own movie so it's logical that Marvel try and show off their cosmic powered hero too. Not to worry though - this should be the modern Noa and have appearance from numerous space characters including Rocket Racoon and his Guardians of the Galaxy, plus a couple of dangerous space villains like Skrulls, Kree, Brood and the dangerous Annihilus at the top of the pile. The space theme should see players wizzing like a rocket round the board in their quest to rack up points and save the galaxy though the Worldmind!

          Mind you, I wouldn't say no to Silver Surfer as an alternative.

          10. Namor

          Last but certainly not least and baring an appearance in the FF board (and really would that affect his chances?) Namor is a prime shaker in Marvel: the longest running character still round after the original Human Torch. With his connections to the ocean the play should reflect the currents and the searc for his people, plus his bouts of rage and anger! Attuma, Tiger Shark and other seas based foes for this set and appearances from the Invaders and his fellow Atlantians!


          Logical options for possible event boards could include The Coming of Galactus (depending how important he is on the FF board), Kree-Skrull War, Death of the Stacys, Secret Wars. The Korvac Saga, The Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, Death of Captain Marvel, Born Again, Mutant Massacre, Kraven's Last Hunt, Demon in a Bottle/Armour Wars, Evolutionary War, Inferno, Atlantis Attacks (intake of breath), Infinity Gauntlet, Acts of Vengeance, Operation Galactic Storm, Maximum Carnage, Clone Saga,Age of Apocalypse Onslaught, Avengers Disassembled, Secret War, House of M,Civil War, Annihilation, Planet Hulk/World War Hulk, Messiah Complex, Back in Black/One More Day, Secret Invasion, War of Kings,Dark Reign/Seige, Gauntlet/Grim Hunt and Shadowland.

          Tons of possibilities for Marvel Pinball. Let me know what you think.
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            I second the X-Men and Marvel Zombies...

            Even a Magneto table...That would be perfect for metal balls...


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              five addlep

              I'd love a Spider-Woman table. I'm just crazy about the character. There could be Hydra, Viper, Morgan LeFey...and of course, the Secret Invasion.
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                So many great Marvel-Characters,I can`t decide !
                I will surprised by Zen Studios and hope for a huge,very huge selection of DLC,
                buy them all !!!


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                  Two more

                  I totally agree with all suggestions...but I can't believe nobody has has put CABLE out there! Plus, I have a dark horse pick from the 70's I love, but it's so small time that it's just for fun...SHANG-CHI, MASTER OF KUNG-FU


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                    my picks for future tables would be Dr. Strange, Silver Sable & the wild pack, and Moon Knight.


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                      I really love if there┬┤s a Thor table..That should be great!


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                        Civil war ... Ftw!!!!


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                          Ms. Marvel

                          We need some women. I say we give Ms. Marvel her own table. It could include the new avengers, skrulls, or spider woman. She is also an agent of SHIELD. Also it would be great to relive her fight with Karla (Moonstone).


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                            I agree that a female themed table would be appropriate. Based on the existing tables and officially proposed tables, which are all associated with characters who either have or will have live-action films about them, the one female from Marvel who shares such a connection is Elektra. Maybe a Daredevil and Elektra table, then?

                            Personally, I would like to see something like a Phoenix/Dark Phoenix table that could switch presentation a la the Blade table's night and day (going from good Phoenix table to evil Phoenix table) and there could even be a Black Queen in between transitions for good measure having three different switches, thereby adding a new wrinkle on what we have with Blade's night and day. In Dark Phoenix mode, you could hurl fireballs at alien planets and and space ships (aka having the ball go up ramps towards planets and spaceship), there could be some kind of ball telekinesis/levitation feature, etc.


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                              My Table Idea

                              Inhumans Pinball.

                              It was my favourite Marvel mini-series EVER! The ball could undergo Terrigenisis! A Gorgon Mission could see ...the table hit by earthquakes. A Karnak mission in which all colour is dulled, except for a few red light targets signifying "Points of Weakness". Medusa's hair lends itself to a multiball mission. Black Bolt's Sonic Scream may be a little more difficult to transfer, but perhaps hitting drop targets to activate a ramp which he could then shatter with his scream? Crystal could be represented by the bumpers: one earth, one fire, and one water. Triton's trident could be the launcher and kickbacks. Lockjaw could be represented by teleporting tunnels and drop targets, the ativation of which could be met with a friendly WOOF.

                              Finally, the whole table could be thematically linked to the unique architecture of Attilan, with the paramount goal being to combine the efforts of all characters in order to move the city to safety. A locatio change from the Ruins of Atlantis, to the Hymalayas, the The Blue Area of the Moon, could be accompanied by a change in the table's colour scheme and lighting.

                              What do you guys think?