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A few thoughts on the Xbox360 version

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  • A few thoughts on the Xbox360 version

    Tried all the Marvel games and I think I like the Spidey and Wolverine tables the best. (Where's wolverine's black/brown costume??)
    Blade has some really cool effects and I'm not sure I like the Iron Man table at all. The ramps on the Iron man table are kind of nice but the whole "lets party" thing is a bit annoying (as well as Spiderman's voice on his table).

    LOL they are cool though, the animations sometimes get in the way\distracting, I'm not sure if you can move the animation windows around like the scoreboard.

    Anyway these are very well done as usual, I will buy these on my PS3 as well!

    On to Captain America and Ghost Rider!

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    I like the cheesy voices myself. Reminds me of the good old days playing pinball at the arcades where the voices on pinball games were always so laughably bad. Not sure if they did that on purpose, but it works for me.