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No Marvel Pinball in Germany?

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  • No Marvel Pinball in Germany?

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to ask if someone from the region AT, CH, GER or LU has Marvel Pinball in stores? i just checked my US account and there it was, but no update in ger psn store (the store was already updated - but no marvel pinball). I'm wondering whether the rating was for 18+ (in ger the politics thinks it could be to brutal if a superhero fights against another supervallain - just a joke, but could be real too ).

    So Zen do we get Marvel Pinball in germany?

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    It's actually not out in Europe just yet. There was some kind of screwup with the PS Store update, but they say they will be getting it up very soon. I'll post again when I know more specifics, although it may go live before I find out!


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      Thx Guys, I was a little bit shocked yesterday but now my weekend is saved. ^^

      Keep up the good work.


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        Thx 4 the quick response, now i can sleep well


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          Just have downloaded the game, seems that everythings fine over here. thanks for this great game there's so much to discover. love it guys, can't wait for your next high level gaming content.