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    PSN: CJtrueblue


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      Add me!

      I'm not brilliant at pinball but i love it, i have a couple of German friends i play now and then but there too good for me, they get 25,000,000 in 5 minutes.

      my scores average between 5 an 8 million my best is just over 14 million on fantastic 4, so if you average about the same and want to play hotseat at any time i'm on pinball send me a friend request.

      PSN ID: Psychotron71


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        Casual player here, not a wiz. Nor aspire to be either. Just friendly competition. just refference Zen Forums in your FR. Have all tables in both games.
        PSN ID: draig3791


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          Finaly back at the right thread. Added some of you allready but ran out of time. Feel free to pop a request. No wizard as well but i love a decent challenge

          PSN: Cruisixx


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            Might as well throw mine into the hat but I'm going to lose some of my 1st place ribbons on certain tables. Oh well. Gives me incentive to play better.

            PSN tenorgamer. Want to change but I could lose all my purchases that I've done. Or could I be mistaken?

            Add me.


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              PSN name

              Mines slickedysplit feel free to add.


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                I'm a PS3 player and my GT is NobbNutts

                The name has gotten me thrown out of Little Big Planet on-line games, but I know you good folks will appreciate its only the nickname I give my 5 year old Black Lab. Notice how they don't use many black ones as seeing eye dogs - it would be carnage


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                  add me up

                  not a Pinball wiz here either, but i do love playing the tables.... always looking for team points and competition for top spot on my leaderboard.. feel free to add me..

                  lyfestory on PSN


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                    360 Gamertag - Alinon

                    psn ID - Alinon

                    I also play the Pinball Arcade so we can compare scores there as well.


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                      MY PSN ID is Kemetman72-_ and am also looking for friends, don't have many since I don't go on Home.
                      "Zen Pinball Rules!"


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                        My psn id is... sonic star72 (dont ask why i used a lame id like this one, please just dont).


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                          If anybody would like to add me I play on my Vita...havent downloaded it to my PS3 yet....feel free. zengas_1-A
                          PSN: zengas_1-A


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                            If someone wants to race me on Zen pinball (1) Not 2. just PM me, my PSN is in signature

                            NOTE: i don't have marvel pinball yet

                            edit: i thought this was a multiplayer thread lol.
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                              I'm just looking for people with decent scores so I have extra incentive to play the tables XD
                              (Plus, some competition never hurts)

                              My PSN ID is: Quartrez

                              To give you an idea of my scores, it usually averages 50 million on tables I play often, but I've done 131 million on Fear Itself. I used to have a friend that had higher scores than me on some tables (but with time I started beating his scores) and he deleted me from his friend list... LOL


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                                Not a pinball wizard but loving the game.

                                PSN: Ceratog