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  • Joshwa123
    I asked myself the same question, damn. Ye, the tables look really good. Hopefully they will reply.

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  • hunter328
    started a topic ZPP Tables

    ZPP Tables

    Hello to the fine folks at Zen Studios!

    I was recently browsing the Apple App Store and saw that you guys have a new game on Apple Arcade, Zen Pinball Party. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that I didn’t recognize several tables. Then in the description I saw that you’ve got a license now with Hasbro. Very cool.

    My question is: Will these tables be coming to either PBFX3 or the new, not yet released, Pinball FX? I have an iPad, but I don’t subscribe to Apple Arcade. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of playing pinball via touch screen, especially in comparison to playing your other games with a controller. Also, it’d be nice to have as few devices, systems, on which my collection of tables is spread (3DS, Vita, PS4, and Xbox 360 already).

    The tables look great, and I’m especially excited that they’re new Zen created tables, not remakes. Hopefully they’re coming to another format, but once I find out, and if the answer is they aren’t, then I guess I’ll finally use that free trial of Apple Arcade.

    Thank you for any information! Keep up the great work. Tell Deep hi.
    And have a fantastic day!