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3 monitor cabinet mode help...

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  • 3 monitor cabinet mode help...

    I've spent way too long trying to get this working...

    See pics for how my monitors are setup: pics

    I've looked at the guide here but it only details 2-monitor setups.

    Toggling the "Backglass Repositioning" and "DMD Repositioning" in the cabinet mode settings doesn't do anything to either display, respectively. I was under the impression that turning it on/off would make the screens show a blank/black image, but nothing happens when I do it, just shows my Windows wallpaper on each monitor still.

    What am I doing wrong here?

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    My settings are below. Notice the negative values in vertical positions. 1844 almost makes sense as adding the vertical dims of 2 and 3 equals 1848

    I have my three monitors set the same orientation as yours. 1 on bottom in portrait and then 3 landscape then 2 landscape. #1 is 1080x1920 #2 is 1920x1080 #3 is 1366x768
    My settings for FX cabinet are:
    Orientation: 0
    Dot matrix repositioning: On
    Dot matrix horizontal position = 12
    Dot matrix vertical position = -650 (notice negative value)
    Dot matrix horizontal size = 1360
    Dot matrix vertical size = 350
    Backglass repositioning: On
    Backglass horizontal position = 0
    Backglass vertical position = -1844 (notice negative value)
    Backglass horizontal size = 1920
    Backglass vertical size = 1080


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      I think the dot matrix vertical location of -650 is to 768-650 = 118 pixels down from the top of the DMD monitor. Makes sense as the monitor is blocked to almost 1 to 4 aspect ratio


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        Thanks, after fiddling around with orientations and positioning settings, I was able to get it working, see here: