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Do we know an official release date for Indiana Jones (PS4)?

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  • Do we know an official release date for Indiana Jones (PS4)?

    I see trophy support was added.

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    If it's the same as PC, then tomorrow (March 10)...


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      Yes, but Ladies & Gentlemen :

      Its out - also for Playstation - but I thing Zen goes crazy? 15 Euro for ONE table.

      Thanks, but... NO thanks!

      Maybe it is time to say goodbye from this company and Zen Pinball.


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        15€ !!! 15 euros for 1 table ? WTF happened to Zen Studios ? Did Embracer just want to top EA and Ubisoft in the most hated editor ?
        I'm so furious, i'm about to swear in german and i haven't learn german at school.
        When Mammouth will be hungry, it means that thin people will have already died


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          I think for this table they have to pay big license costs to Disney


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            Really believe in this? They make a lot of Star Wars tables also the licence belongs to Disney - and you get 3 tables for 2/3 of this expensive one table.

            And I am not really shure that they have to pay to Disney because this is a table from Willams - they bought the licence already.

            Simply so NO and show they that this is a line heavily overcrossed. If not .... I can guarantee this is the new level they choose.

            Quick thinking - old 99 tables on PFX3 with this new price region = 1484,01 Euro - for a pinball game (maybe more in dollars)!?!?!


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              $14.99? Oh my, I didn’t expect that.