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Great Job Zen studios with the weekly sales

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  • Great Job Zen studios with the weekly sales

    First off I want to say, thank you zen studios, I've only been playing pinball fx3 on switch for a few weeks and everyweek you been having new deals, great for new players and people wanting to finish their collection. I've gotten zen core collection, zen classics, iron and steel, Bethesda collection, universal collection, Williams collection 4 and 6 and now Aliens vs pinball collection all at their all time lows Please keep it up and I might even but Indiana Jones at full price. Is this normal for zen or is it just because FX3 is losing support?

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    We have had these weekly sales on Steam for a very long time. I am not entirely sure, how long it is running on Switch, but if I remember correctly, for 3 months by now.
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