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  • A few questions!

    Hello, I wanted to ask if the new tables will be moved from the new pinball to the FX3? After a few years of break, I went back to playing pinball. I started playing FX3 for a week now and I love it, the FX3 looks great! I would like to know what it looks like at the moment? I know there is a World War Z table available but not on FX3. Any chance for more Williams tables? Will they only be added to the new version of pinball? Terminator 2 is one of my favorites! I would love to play! Is anything known about this?

    Regards! have a nice day!

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    FX Pinball 3 will continue to exist, but no new boards will arrive on this platform. New original and Williams tables will continue to come out, but as I said before, not in Pinball FX 3.

    Have a nice day too!!