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Empire Strikes Back bug (scene 4, part 2)

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  • Empire Strikes Back bug (scene 4, part 2)

    I got a glitch twice today on ESB. Transitioning to scene 4 part 2, the trapezoid panel in the center drops down but doesn't come back up with Vader, it just remains an open pit, and the ramp to attack him doesn't rise. The info display shows the scene objective but the timer doesn't start, so I was stuck in that state until I lost a ball.

    I think both times I had completed part 1 earlier, lost part 2, and was re-visiting the scene, so it was transitioning directly to part 2. And both times I was mashing launch because I'm impatient... (Though sometimes I mashed launch and it was fine.)

    Sorry if this should be a ticket. The email to activate a ticket isn't getting to me for some reason. Hope it's an easily identifiable problem!

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    Hi! Just to make sure, could I ask if you experienced this problem in Pinball FX3 or in Pinball FX Early Access. Thanks for your answer in advance!
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