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Backglasses work for every table except Indiana Jones

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  • Backglasses work for every table except Indiana Jones


    I built a digital pinball cabinet extension for my arcade cabinet in 2020 / 2021 and I have every single Pinball FX3 table setup with PinballX.

    I purchased Indiana Jones and added it to the menus but when I launch the game, the backglass does not come up. It is the only table where the backglass does not work.

    I tried PNG and JPEG images. I tried renaming the MP4 in case it was that. The DMD overlay is displayed but with a back background and no message indicating that it cannot find the background image file.

    Is this due to a bug in the table?

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    My backglass image shows on Indiana. It works like all the other table naming the image file the same as the table name.
    That is weird that there isn't a message. Is the image so small or big it isn't seen?


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      AcadDude Thanks for the suggestions. After some troubleshooting, it turned out that the issue was simply that the cabinet mode setting to reposition the backglass had been turned off, maybe by the last update, so it wasn't displaying any backglasses except what was setup in PinballX as a preview. The proper table backglasses in the steam data folder are displaying now for all tables.