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New FX3 User looking for some guidance from the Zen Masters.....

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  • New FX3 User looking for some guidance from the Zen Masters.....

    Hey all,

    I am a relative newbie who has managed to work out a lot of things along the way but have hit a brick wall and am unsure on next steps.

    I am sure there are posts on the forum that probably answer my questions already but my laptop is VERY slow and it takes an age to navigate, any links would be appreciated.

    1. I have built a cabinet, I have 2 buttons on the left/right side for flippers and nudge and 4 buttons on the front of the cabinet along with a joystick that I was planning on using as a makeshift plunger. The question I have is WHAT do the buttons on the front need to be able to do? I'm assuming 'coin', 'start', 'exit', maybe 'pause'? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    2. I would like to start the PC up inside the cabinet and have Pinball FX3 startup automatically and take me to a menu screen that allows me to navigate the menu via the joystick and buttons on the front of the cabinet, again, any support here would be great. Do I need to use a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard in order to get the game started?

    3. General info, I have a 32" gaming monitor that I am using as the main play field and a 24" screen as the back glass and DMD combined on the same screen, this looks okay but does anyone have any ideas of the best screen combinations to use? I don't want to overpower the main play field with a large backglass monitor. Also, should I be using a 4:3 ratio screen for the backglass or can I get away with a widescreen?

    For info, I purchased an IPAC2 controller and have some buttons that will work with it. If anyone has any wiring tips for these, please go ahead and link me to other posts so I can learn!

    Thanks for your support in advance.