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  • Back Glass Issue

    Well this has been an odyssey to say the least. Three weeks ago I knew nothing about virtual pinball. After purchasing an Atgames Legends Pinball I quickly discovered that each new day brought it's own challenges. Each and every time I seemed to find a way to over come them. Learning the software (steam, FX3, ALP display settings, back glass images etc) installing amps, exciters, bass shakers, VIBS name it. I swear each day I thought I was done for, then miraculously, with the help of the internet and sometimes just my own brain I would seem to figure it out.

    So hear I am, ready to lean across the finish line. I just can't for the life of me seem to get over this last hurdle.

    As seen in the picture I can get the VIBS working on the back glass as it should AND FX3 running on my desktop pc but when I disconnect my desktop HDMI and switch to OTG...Wham the VIBS board stops working just as OTG starts working. The only thing I can see on the back glass is my desktop background. Obviously it's a display setting either in FX3 or my windows 10? It's so tantalizing to see it all's just not all at the pinball machine. If feel so defeated that I simply changed my desktop image to a generic pinball arcade just so I have something pinball related to look at.

    I know I'm going to suck at this but I'll try to give as much detail as I can. I know I'm going to leave a ton out.

    -I only have one HDMI on my computer running to OTG
    -Converting VGA with a power converter to HDMI
    -VIBS board which is working as it should. I can see my desktop on the back glass and as mentioned earlier the back glass is changing correctly with each new table. Hooray!

    Oh man, what else? Please ask me anything you need to and I will try my best to respond with the correct info. I have a HUGE feeling that one of you is going suggest the easiest fix and WAALA.

    Thank you,
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    Backglass orientation at 270 degrees instead of 0, (Clockwise spin)
    A table cabinet I made for a friend I used a 4:3 ratio screen for backglass this allowed for less width more hieght. IMO it looks far better with that