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Game crashes when trying to set resolution - Any suggestions?

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  • Best Electric Skateboard
    How do you fix a game that keeps crashing?
    Fixes: Games Keep Crashing Windows 10/11
    1. Restart Your Computer.
    2. Make Sure You Install a Correct Game Version.
    3. Check Internet Connection.
    4. Ensure Your PC Meets Game System Requirements.
    5. Stop Overclocking.
    6. Update Windows 10/11.
    7. Update Graphics Card Driver. ...
    8. Close Necessary Apps & Web Tabs.

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  • Diguelo
    Ive got a dedicated vertical pinball screen (also used for coding) mounted portrait it works great with Pinballs FGX3 VPX etc. The lerger screens than 1920 x 1080 Ive had issues with as well and returned them. Superwide is fine until the novelty wears off and the limitations are quickly reached. Try dropping the screen ratio down to 1440 16:9 and see if that helps matters out. I tried it on my Sony wide screen and it worked kind of ok, got fed up with the stretch and returned it to the store as unfit for purpose. My 3 screen setup works fine for all games and stuff.

    I hope this helps, its NOT your system its the monitor.

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  • Game crashes when trying to set resolution - Any suggestions?

    I've dual monitor setup, with my primary monitor being a LD DualUp (16:18 2560x2880) almost portrait format, drive by a RTX3080Ti (latest drivers)

    If I launch FX on the primary monitor then it works, but runs in something like 2560x1440 and the monitor stretches the image to full the full display and it looks a bit crappy.

    If I go to the Video settings in options then it crashes immediately, no message, nothing, just back to the desktop. Originally if I tried to launch it on my other (normal res/aspect) monitor the everything worded as expected. At the moment I can't work out how to launch it on the other monitor. (I think I used Big Picture mode, but that doesn't seem to work for me atm).

    Anybody experienced anything similar or have any suggestions?