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Confirmed table roster for Pinball FX3

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  • Confirmed table roster for Pinball FX3

    We are happy to confirm the Pinball FX3 table roster and cross-platform features! Be sure to check out the Zen Blog for all the details:

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    Was there not new tables teased in the announcement video? Been no mention of them ever since lol. Oh and the Soccer table is not listed (I assume it won't be in PFX3)


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      Actually didn't expect Ninja, Street fighter or Xplosion Man but I am completely baffled why South Park pack isn't in. It's one of your better packs. Also as Skode mentioned, there's nothing about Superleague. Unless Juventis and other teams logos are high on the licnesing prices....... Do what you can about South Park Again. Yeah I can play it on PBFX2 but it won't be the same especially playing against your friends scores.


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        Very disappointed

        Plants vs Zombies is one most favourite table, I'm very unset about that.
        And South Park, well that was rather a short lived licence wasn't it.
        I guessed the others wouldn't be crossing over but wow I wasn't expected that.


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          Tx for the information! Nice to see most of them come over. If licensing is a problem for the Superleague one, maybe you can just port the table without official teams (there was a ZP team choice no?)?


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            I saw this on FB re the soccer table:

            "We would like to bring it back with only Zen F.C. in the future some time"

            That would be cool, I had fun with that table...
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              During the Twitch stream they also confirmed Super League Football will return at a later stage with only the Zen team.
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                Thank you soooo much Zen, for not leaving the Star Wars tables behind. I love then!!