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    I always enjoy reading people’s requests (even – and especially – when they differ from mine). Since I see table requests everywhere (social media, Steam, livestreams, etc) but there isn’t a dedicated thread for that in the new Pinball FX3 subsection of the forums, I figured it’d be okay if I went ahead and did it. So please, feel free to post yours!
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    Here’s my personal wishlist. Some of these are (much!) less likely than others, but it contains everything (or most) I could ever hope to see Zen do. Please don’t take this list too seriously, it was made for fun and out of boredom : ) BTW, if I mention table packs too much, it’s not (just) because I’m greedy, but because that seems to be the business model Zen has moved to, so instead of mentioning single tables, I tried to bundle everything in packs that make sense.

    Game of Thrones
    I think it’s fair to say Game of Thrones is probably the world’s biggest IP right now. The first seven seasons are filled with great moments that could be brought to specific tables to great effect. I could see a 4-table pack working very well: a “Beyond the Wall” table could show Jon Snow’s early days in the Night’s Watch, complete with incursions North of the Wall, the Battle for Castle Black, Hardhome and maybe this season’s Suicide Squad-like mission; “The War of Five Kings” would be centered on the events between Seasons 1 and 3; “House Stark” could show a bit of the story of most Stark characters (Ned, Robb, Arya, Bran and Jon, mainly); and finally “Daenerys Targaryen” could be centered around this particular character and her specific supporting cast. Or scrap all these ideas and go with a completely different arrangement! There seems to be great fan demand to see Westeros in pinball form, and given how much of a license to print money Game of Thrones is these days, I really hope Zen eventually gets to work on this IP.

    The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
    Keeping with the fantasy theme, J.R.R. Tolkien’s evergreen world could make for some truly amazing pinball moments, especially if based on Peter Jackson’s epic adaptations. A 3-table pack featuring each of the LOTR movies is an obvious suggestion (and if accompanied by a fourth table based combining the best moments of the three The Hobbit movies – no need to spread the story over three tables – all the better!).

    Indiana Jones
    Given how Zen and LucasArts have collaborated in the past, I would hope that the potential for tables based on Indy’s adventures exists. Much like with The Lord of the Rings, a 3-table pack based on the first three movies would be excellent (especially if John Williams’ legendary score and voice work from the movie could be added!). Feel free to add another based on the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: the completionist in me would like it, but I can honestly say it’d be no skin off my nose if it didn’t make it in.

    James Bond
    I feel the guys and gals over at Zen could have a blast with the most famous spy in the world. With almost 25 movies to pick from, the potential is almost endless: relive the beautiful beach scenarios and setpieces of “Dr. No”, or the intrigue and exotic violence aboard the Orient Express and beneath the streets of Istambul in “From Russia With Love”; the iconic moments and characters from “GoldenEye” (shoutout to the N64 classic!) or poker games from “Casino Royale”. Build packs around specific Bond actors, time periods, themes, or completely different criteria. Odds are, I’d buy them all regardless (yes, even “Moonraker”!) I could see this working really well, frankly.

    Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.
    This is a more niche choice, but Mike Mignola’s universe has such a huge cult following and is so different from anything else out there that I’d be curious to see how Zen would adapt his world. I don’t know how Zen could package/sell this – either a single table or a 3-table pack with “Hellboy”, “Abe Sapien” and “B.P.R.D.” – but especially now that the new movie is supposed to come out one year from now, I could see there being an interest in at least a “Hellboy” table.

    Yet another nostalgia IP, this property has a huge fanbase and its universe is so vast that again, so much could be done with it. I’d personally like to see a 3-table pack – “G1”, “Transformers: The Movie” and “Michael Bay’s Transformers” – but the potential for wildly different selections is there.

    Mad Max
    Take the sheer insanity and visual spectacle of George Miller’s crazy dystopian future, and put it in a pinball table. Match made in heaven and pinball goodness aplenty! My tip would be a 2-table pack: “The Road Warrior” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

    Harry Potter
    Still one of the most important and beloved properties in the world, how could this go wrong? Zen could go the movie route and give each of the movie its own table (with “Deathly Hallows” collecting both movies), but there’s potential for so much more: a “Hagrid” table dealing with mythical creatures, a “Snape” table exploring his days as Hogwarts’ Potions teacher and his stint as a double agent for Dumbledore amongt’ Voldemort’s Death Eaters, “Quidditch”, exploring Herbology, Transfiguration among others in “Hogwarts”. Again, the possibilities are endless!

    Ubisoft has in its portfolio some of the most overexposed franchises in gaming today, but I’d be intrigued to see how Zen could breathe some life back into them with a 3-table pack (similar to their collaboration with Bethesda): “Assassin’s Creed” (the franchise’s cast of characters and stealth/action-driven gameplay might be adapted in fun ways to pinball, similar to the “Alien: Isolation” table), “Prince of Persia (mix pinball, POP’s parkour and time-reversal sand powers and you could have a really fun combo) and “Far Cry” (this is, honestly, filler for me: I never played any of the games, so I can’t give my perspective on anything!).

    Zen did such a great job on the “The Walking Dead” table that I’d be thrilled to see them give Telltale’s “The Wolf Among Us”, “Game of Thrones” and “Batman” the same treatment. I’m sure this can’t be easy to arrange, with so many cooks in the kitchen (not only Zen Studios and Telltale, but HBO, DC/WB, etc), but as a huge fan of both companies, it’d be excellent if it ever came to fruition!

    DC Comics
    Assuming the partnership with Marvel Comics doesn’t render this completely impossible, I see no reason why Zen couldn’t give DC’s characters the same loving treatment it gave Marvel’s. With a universe just as vast, I could see themed packs based on the Batman corner (“Batman”, “Nightwing” and “Robins”), the Lanterns (“Green Lantern”, “Blackest Night”), the Flash (“The Flash” and “The Rogues”), villains (“Deathstroke”, “Joker” and “Suicide Squad”), movies (“Batman v Superman”, “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League”), shows (“Arrow”, “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow”). As a comic book fan, I’d be over the moon if I could have some fun with tables based on the two biggest companies in comics!

    Marvel Comics
    Now, I get that most people are tired of Marvel tables. There are a lot of them, and I get the desire to see more variety. However, as a huge Marvel Comics fan, I can’t help but want a few more. I feel like 2018 will offer at least two great opportunities that Zen should take advantage of: “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War”. The latter will almost certainly be the biggest movie of the Summer (I’d even say the year), so a pinball table inspired on it just makes sense business-wise. The former is based on a huge character that’s been absent from Zen’s tables thus far (unless he makes an appearance in the “Civil War” table I can’t recall right now), and given the buzz around the movie ever since that teaser came out, I’m sure it’ll be another huge hit. “Thor: Ragnarok” also looks extremely good, but since that’s coming out so soon, I’m guessing it’s chances are slim… Moving onto the TV side, I’d want nothing except a 2-table Netflix pack, with a “Daredevil” table (come on, please don’t ignore my favorite character! He’s one of the most consistently well-written characters in comics. The show was awesome and between the two seasons that are already out, I could see some awesome moments with DD, Kingpin, Elektra, Punisher!) and a “Defenders” table (pick and choose the best moments from “Luke Cage”, “Jessica Jones”, “Iron Fist” and “Defenders and go to town!). My point is, Marvel’s universe is so expansive that I feel it’s a mistake to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Maybe do one table a year, or something, but it’d be a waste to abandon that property completely.

    Star Wars
    “The Last Jedi” is an obvious pick, but how about doing the prequels right? Remove Jar-Jar and the political intrigue in the senate, and make the tables all about the sweeping set-pieces: Maul vs Kenobi & Jinn, the speeder chase on the skies of Coruscant, the battle of Geonosis, Grievous vs Kenobi on Utapau, Order 66, Vader vs Kenobi and the Emperor vs Yoda…

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      +1 on Hellboy & Mad Max

      My list:
      + Judge Dredd (or 2000AD pack adding Rogue Trooper and ABC Warriors.)
      + The Last Starfighter
      + Jurassic Park
      + The Tick
      + Conan the Barbarian
      + Warhammer 40k


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        What I would love if we could do, is Star Wars: Old Republic tables, and my absolute favorite thing to suggest: Futurama.

        We do keep track of your request, so please if you have any ideas feel free to share!


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          Originally posted by TheMerc
          James Bond Odds are, I’d buy them all regardless (yes, even “Moonraker”!) I could see this working really well, frankly.

          A little off topic, but Moonraker, the original novel from 1955 is probably the best in the series. What makes me hate the movie even more is that it doesn't use a single thing from the novel other than the title and the name of the villain.


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            I think Universal Monsters would be cool since you have the Universal liscense now. Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Simpsons, Disney (characters, shows, or Disney World themes), Dragon Ball Z, 90s Nicktoons, Sonic, Pac-Man, TMNT would be some other ideas.


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              Buffy the Vampire Slayer


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                Revamped Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions tables
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                  How about some SEGA tables?

                  Sonic, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Outrun,...


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                    I'd like to cast votes for:
                    • DC Comics - Batman: The Animated Series, the recent movies, the older movies (Chris Reeve, Michael Keaton), tables with comic artwork. The possibilities are as endless as they are for Marvel properties.
                    • Marvel - Keep going with the movie adaptations, and maybe go back for more classic storylines. Dark Phoenix Saga, Secret Wars....lots of possibilities there.
                    • Lord of the Rings - One table per film, as with Star Wars.
                    • Indiana Jones - Ditto
                    • Jurassic Park - Maybe an original trilogy table, a Jurassic World table, and a T-Rex focused one
                    • Star Trek - Plenty of shows and movies to hit here.
                    • Classic cartoons: I can see Flintstones, Jetsons, Yogi Bear, etc showing up as tables.
                    • Game of Thrones
                    • TV's Walking Dead - Seems like a natural companion to the Telltale game

                    For any of these, and indeed any licensed tables at all, PLEASE try to make more of an effort to get original music and/or sound bytes. Some of the choices made recently, and with what we've seen of the Universal tables, have been very disappointing. The Universal movies all feature very identifiable music, so knowing none of it is there makes the tables less attractive (and fun) to me. Rogue One and Force Awakens used music from other Star Wars movies.

                    I think I'd even rather see the price of tables go up a little than do without accurate soundtracks. For that matter, Rogue One's price DID go up compared to other single table releases, and it still didn't have the Michael Giacchino music.
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                      Just going to go with licensed table ideas for now as it's probably the major factor in sales these days when it comes to pinball.

                      Wolfenstein (The New Order+)
                      Missions could be defeating ubersoldats, clearing out the labs, defeating bosses/nazis. Swastikas could be replaced with the wolfenstein logo if that's a problem. A little hard to think of a pinball version of this game but with some interesting/fitting missions I think it could be a fun one.

                      Wolfenstein 3D + Spear of Destiny
                      If there's ever a 90's/retro video game pack, I'd love to see this in it (mostly out of selfish nostalgia). It's known to be blocky with 90 degree angles everywhere but I still think it would be possible to make a fun pinball game out of it. Wolfenstein 3D has 6 episodes that could translate to pinball missions. Spear of Destiny has the spear to collect. Both have health/ammo/1-UP, secret areas/levels, treasure, keys, and a variety of enemies and bosses. Could shoot the ball into an elevator to end a mission. Swastikas could be replaced with the wolfenstein logo if that's a problem.

                      Breaking Bad
                      Probably won't happen due to the main focus being cooking meth, but whatever. Great show, lots of fans. Missions could be along the lines of: setting up a meth lab, collecting supplies for meth, cooking meth, selling meth, cooking breakfast for JR, stealing methylamine from the train, something with Mike being a hitman/spy, etc. Score/progression could start with "Walt the Teacher" to end with "Heisenberg".

                      [B]Assassin's Creed[/B>
                      Missions could be assassinations, traversing/climbing buildings requiring accurate ramp shots, exploring different areas by using the watch tower (basically like the mechanic in the Skyrim table), speed tests, stealth/evasion. Could allow upgrading of weapons and buying different types of gadgets.

                      Grand Theft Auto
                      Missions could be heists, racing, doing odd jobs, emulating real single-player missions. Car collecting/modding could be a thing that could affect scores.

                      Saw Movie
                      "I wanna play a game". Missions could be timed tests, escaping from traps, etc.

                      The Office
                      Funny show, lots of fans. Lots of unique funny lines to use. I'm having trouble thinking of fitting missions though.

                      Jurassic Park
                      Iconic classic. TBH I forget most of what happened in the movie at this point but I'd still like to see it.

                      90's Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network cartoons
                      Probably a gold mine for nostalgia induced sales among people in their late 20's/early 30's


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                        Hasbro pack!!

                        I would love a HASBRO table pack...

                        GI Joe
                        MY Little Pony


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                          I 111% agree with the Universal Monsters table idea!


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                            There are a lot of great ideas that people have been suggesting, so I'll go ahead and suggest some of my own. First, I'll knock out some ideas I mainly see for standalone tables:

                            - The Tick
                            - The Adventures of Tintin
                            - Ghostbusters
                            - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
                            - Namco Museum (for this table, I'd imagine it being inspired by a bunch of Bandai Namco's old arcade hits, like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug)
                            - Goosebumps
                            - Sam and Max

                            Also, I totally echo the support for Indiana Jones, Universal Monsters, and Jurassic Park. Now, onto ideas and packs I've thought a bit more about.

                            DC Comics
                            If the rights could be worked out fine for it being alongside Marvel, DC Comics would serve as a great source for potential tables. There are so many memorable heroes, villains, and teams that could offer plenty of fodder to explore. I know that, at the very least, I'd totally be down for a DC Trinity three-pack of "Superman", "Batman", and "Wonder Woman".

                            Marvel Comics
                            Now, some may be a little sick of all the Marvel tables, but there are still a few I wouldn't mind seeing. In terms of singular tables, I have a particular dream pick: "Arcade". For those unfamiliar, Arcade is an assassin who drops his targets into a deathtrap theme park. Considering his very first appearance had him using a giant pinball machine (with the heroes trapped in the balls), he seems like he'd offer plenty of fun inspiration for a real pinball table. When it comes to packs, the main one I'd really be interested in is an X-Men Chronicles Pack. I'd imagine this as a three-pack of tables inspired by classic X-Men storylines (such as the "Dark Phoenix Saga" or "Days of Future Past") and/or different eras of the team (such as "First Class" to reflect the team's early days or "Blue and Gold" to reflect the dual teams of the '90s). I'd also be up for a Hulk two-pack ("The Incredible Hulk" and "She-Hulk") and a Marvel Chronicles four-pack, which would feature tables inspired by different major Marvel storylines (for instance, "Secret Wars", "Maximum Carnage", and "Secret Invasion" could be potential tables).

                            After seeing how Zen Studios pulled off handling the tables inspired by Bethesda's video games, I'd love to see how they handle different properties from other game companies. I'll be mentioning a few, but my favorite would be some Capcom tables. Considering the sheer number of memorable franchises, I could easily see a four-pack of Capcom tables. As for which ones, I think you could get a good balances with two tables based on older classics (for instance, games like "Mega Man", "Final Fight", or "Ghosts 'n' Goblins") and two tables inspired by more recent hits (for example, "Resident Evil", "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney", or "Monster Hunter").

                            Sega is another company with some good fodder for tables, but I'd see them as a three-pack. The one guarantee would be "Sonic the Hedgehog", but I'd see the other tables as one inspired by an older hit (such as "Streets of Rage", "Puyo Puyo", or "Ecco the Dolphin") and one based on more recent fare (like "Yakuza", "Crazy Taxi", or "Jet Set Radio").

                            I have to echo the support for Hasbro. Their classic toy properties could make for some fun tables. I would see it as a three-pack, with two guarantees being "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe". As for the third table, I know the popular pick would be for "My Little Pony", but my dream pick would be "Jem and the Holograms".

                            Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
                            This fun franchise is still so beloved, and its crazy characters could offer some fun tables. Personally, I just see this as a two-pack, but I could see going two different ways for pack. One would be a more general approach, with one table to represent the good guys ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles") and one for the villains ("The Foot Clan"). Considering how the franchise has had so many different iterations, however, I feel you could have a fun two-pack that reflects some of these different takes. For such a two-pack, I'd go with "Heroes in a Half-Shell" for a table based on the '80s cartoon and "Krang War" to reflect the IDW comic series.

                            This one's lower down on my totem pole of interest, but Archie has been having a resurgence thanks to new comics and that Riverdale TV show, so why not? I could see a three-pack with tables based around Riverdale's most famous residents: "Archie", "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", and "Josie and the Pussycats".

                            Disney seems open what with Marvel and Stars Wars getting plenty of tables, so why not explore some of their other properties? For instance, LucasArts and its body of classic adventure games. I could easily see a three-pack of tables based on those games, with my ideal roster being "Monkey Island", "Day of the Tentacle", and "Full Throttle".

                            Disney Cartoons
                            Speaking of Disney, their animated shows could make for some fun table. I see it as a three-pack, though I see two different angles for it. One could be a nostalgia-based approach with a Disney Afternoon three-pack, including potential tables like "DuckTales", "Darkwing Duck", and "Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers". The other would be a more modern take in the form of a Disney XD three-pack, featuring tables based on "Gravity Falls", "Star vs. the Forces of Evil", and the new "DuckTales" series.

                            Terminator is a classic film franchise, and its material could offer some fun tables. I just see this as a two-pack, with "Terminator 2" specifically based on the events of that film and "Future War" to offer a more general table inspired by the visions of the futuristic war with Skynet.

                            Of the game companies I've mentioned, Konami is moreso on the lower end of my interest. That said, they do have some classic game franchises that could work for tables. I could see a three-pack done for them. The one definite table would have to be "Castlevania", while the others would be one game rooted in an older title (I'd say "Mystical Ninja" or "Contra") and one inspired by a more modern game (like "Metal Gear Solid" or "Silent Hill").
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                              Tables I would like to see:

                              - Indiana Jones (based around the first three films)
                              - James Bond (encompasses the cinematic history of 007)
                              - Jurassic Park (based around the first film)
                              - The Terminator & T2 (two seperate tables)
                              - Predator (based around the first film)
                              - The X-Files (enough said)
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