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  • lasvegaspinballhalloffame
    Also, Jordan Peele ( Director of Get Out/ Key & Peele) is redoing The Twilight Zones series this year. What a perfect theme for Zen.....Endless possibilities....the table could go black & white for certain modes....

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  • lasvegaspinballhalloffame
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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  • Franskhotdog
    My dream table:

    The Secret Of Monkey Island!

    Would be a crazy fun pirate themed table., With the original voice of Guybrush Threepwood.. And a wizard mode where you battle against LeChuck (And ofc a rubber chicken you pull as the plunger)

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  • SteveValek
    Oh...and VAN HELSING (Hugh Jackman movie)

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  • SteveValek
    LOONEY TUNES ...(Bugs,Daffy and Co)

    Definitely agree with the other suggestions...


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  • kiara26robbins
    Christmas table would be cool

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  • LukkyNL
    Nintendo tables. Do it! Please?

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  • Joeynator3000
    In no order really...
    1. Teen Titans
    2. Futurama
    3. Rick and Morty
    4. Bayonetta
    5. Metroid

    Those are on my mind at the moment.

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  • Bones n Hombre
    I think a Christmas table would be cool, and no licence needed

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  • DeadlyPurpose
    Originally posted by greeksamurai View Post
    I like the idea of a pinball game based on another game like Ratchet and Clank.

    Alice in Wonderland could be insane especially if Zen Studios put its magical touch on it.
    RPG's, in general. I like the tables where you level up and have stats that carry over from game to game like the Bethesda pack and Epic Quest.

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  • greeksamurai
    How about a Witcher 3 pinball game? I spent 3 million hours trying to finish that game.

    Or an Uncharted Nathan Drake table?

    Although I would prefer an Indiana Jones table.

    Oh no, here comes another one. How about an Assassin's Creed game?

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  • greeksamurai
    Let's start with Satori's list- it's nice and short. Zen Studios can wrap that one up in a few days

    Awesome list, though!

    I like the idea of a pinball game based on another game like Ratchet and Clank.

    Alice in Wonderland could be insane especially if Zen Studios put its magical touch on it.
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  • L33
    I'd be interested to see what Zen could do with REAL tables. At present, TPA are recreating the real tables, but I'm not enjoying those games anymore. Not the tables themselves, but gameplay seems swamped with bugs, lack of cab support, etc. Be great to see tables like Attack From Mars by Zen. Not sure if that is something you (Zen) have in the pipeline i.e. real table recreations???

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  • Satori
    - Evil Dead trilogy
    - Godzilla / Mothra / Rodan / Monster Zero / Gamera / Mechagodzilla
    - Code Geass
    - Babylon 5
    - Buck Rogers
    - Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    - M.A.S.K. (80's cartoon)
    - Turbo Teen (80's cartoon)
    - Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (80's cartoon)
    - Tom And Jerry
    - Defiance (the sci-fi show/game)
    - Golden Girls
    - Pinky And The Brain
    - Drunk History
    - Marx Brothers (specifically Duck Soup)
    - Life & Times of Tim
    - He-Man / She-Ra
    - Mushi-shi
    - Utawarerumono
    - Mike Tyson's Mysteries
    - Parasyte (Maxim)
    - Sealab 2021
    - Ghost in the Shell
    - Tenacious D
    - Yukikaze
    - Squidbillies
    - Michiko and Hatchin
    - Yukikaze
    - Robotech / Macross
    - Venture Bros
    - Twilight Zone
    - Sifl And Olly
    - The Tick (the original animated series)
    - Stargate SG1
    - Orphen (cartoon)
    - Metalocalypse
    - GoBots
    - G.I. Joe / Cobra
    - Smokey And The Bandit 1/2/3
    - The Karate Kid
    - Ratchet And Clank
    - The Peanuts
    - Dr Seuss
    - Resident Evil
    - Caddyshack
    - The Princess Bride
    - Little Shop Of Horrors
    - Kamikazi Girls
    - Goosebumps
    - Pootie Tang
    - Cheech and Chong
    - National Lampoons Pinball Vacation
    - Magnum P.I.
    - A-Team
    - Dukes of Hazard
    - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    - NASA
    - The Cube / Hyper Cube / Cube Zero
    - Shaun Of The Dead
    - Alice in Wonderland
    - Color of Magic
    - Battlestar Galactica (original and latest series)
    - Jurassic Park
    - Planet of the Apes
    - Gremlins
    - Mystery Men
    - Pacific Rim
    - Underworld
    - The Neverending Story
    - Snowpiercer
    - Tron
    - Willow
    - Dark Crystal
    - Time Bandits
    - Farscape
    - Red Dwarf
    - Boondocks (cartoon)
    - Dungeons And Dragons (80's cartoon)

    - A classic Kung-Fu table
    - A city building table
    - A table based on clocks (themed with a bunch of gears everywhere)
    - A table that looks like the inside of a computer (nudge too much and it bluescreens)

    ...and bring back all the tables we've lost since PF1.

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  • lakeside
    (This is re-worded from a previous PS4 thread post but now updated.)

    I'd love to see some 'John Carpenter' themed packs centred on some of his older films. My personal favourites would be:
    - Halloween
    - The Fog
    - Escape From New York
    - The Thing
    - Big Trouble in Little China
    - They Live

    All have excellent soundtracks/dialogue that would lend themselves well - especially Big Trouble in Little China. Jack Burton's one-liners are just too good!

    Now just some random tables based on some films I think would work well as tables:

    - Akira
    - Creepshow
    - Dredd (2012)
    - Flash Gordon
    - The Goonies
    - Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior
    - Mad Max 4 Fury Road
    - Terminator
    - The Warriors
    - Tron (& Legacy)

    (Massive thanks for the Aliens pack too guys - so stoked to have that!)

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