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An appeal to balanced gameplay and keeping the veterans interest

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  • An appeal to balanced gameplay and keeping the veterans interest

    Reading through some of the other threads on FX3, I realised that there are a few things that I'm concerned about with the new gameplay changes that will be incorporated and I also remembered many of my past frustrations with FX2 that still seem to be relevant with FX3 about to make its appearance. As such, I thought I'll share some thoughts and hopefully I'll get some support so that Zen can try and take it into consideration before the final release of FX3.

    As long as there is a classic mode, I'm happy as that is where I will be spending most (if not all) of my time playing the game. I'm not interested in all the other gimmicky stuff but I can see how it can be useful to attract a new range of players and how it can work for shorter multiplayer games. Ultimately, the quality of the tables, as a representative pinball experience, will determine the continued success of FX3 rather than all the gimmicky stuff.

    I agree with MuddyWolf_Beta (as commented on another thread), that if we could have the one ball challenge & the time challenges without the gimmicky stuff in Classic mode, you will certainly keep the more traditional FX2 veterans happy. My favourite tables have always been the ones where you have to fight to stay alive (e.g. Rome) and where a long game lasts 30 - 60min. I had my fair share of playing for big scores e.g. Tesla where one game lasted me longer that 24hours of playing time, but those days are over. I get to maybe playing 3 hours a week these days and then I go for the tables where I know I can reach the Wizard mode in quick time if I play well e.g. Fantastic Four.

    Fantastic Four is still my favourite table as it offers a decent challenge, doesn't have any broken modes that inflate the scores disproportionately and which you can spam for high scores (e.g. Civil war) and where you know you have to play the table to its fullest to join the Billionaires club and where your skills e.g. accurate aim to hit the Baxter building sink hole and keeping a multi-ball going with all the stackable multi-balls, are seriously put to the test. That is what I look for when I play a new table (and there are many that I haven't had a chance to explore yet), as soon as I find a broken mode, I lose all interest in posting a high score and focus on finishing the wizard mode. I haven't gone through the list of changes that will be made to tables in FX3, but I really do hope that these spamable modes will be eliminated as much as possible as it takes all the fun and challenge out of playing for a high score.

    I did enjoy chasing Achievements at some point and knowing that I was one of the few players, at that stage, that managed to beat Ultimo on Ironman, the Pyramid mission and Wizard mode on Mars or the Wizard mode on Blade, made me feel like I really achieved something of significance. As such, it is sad that the achievement challenge is diminished. It will be great if that can be reconsidered and that a range of achievements can be added for each table - from easy ones that just about anybody that spend decent time on a table can get, to the ones where it might take you months of trying before you get there and you knowing you are only one of a handful globally that has managed to achieve it - that is when you understand what the word achievement really signifies.

    I'm glad FX2 is progressing to FX3 but at this stage I feel a bit nervous that the game I love is perhaps not going meet the lofty expectations of the diversity of players, especially the veterans. I hope my points came across clearly and that some of it will be considered.
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    Nice post and I agree that trophies/achievements are important.
    It's what got me started on ZP2 in the first place and how I tailored my games. Played a lot more hours than I expected trying to achieve those. It would be fine if old tables were 1 trophy each but new ones should have 3 (easy/medium/hard) where easy, many casual players could get, medium would be completing a mission or trick shot and Hard would be wizard mode.

    I will try out the new modes but agree they will likely feel too gimmicky and I will quickly revert back to the classic mode once I have earned the trophies for the new modes. Similar to Rocket League, the fun is the core gameplay. They hyped up and added special power ups in Rumble mode but it is not popular. Everyone quickly reverted to the main modes.