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    Originally posted by Twigleaf
    It shows 109 tables are now linked to account.

    After that, I am stuck in an endless XBOX STORE loop, where basically it cannot find the item.

    As someone mentioned above.... I CANNOT manage game, and hit intall all for tables.

    In fact, it is telling me I do not own ANY. The game says I have imported 109 tables (bug), but when it comes to actually being able to download tables, EVERY ONE of them costs full price, where they should be free.

    This is round 2 of the same problem encountered when FX2 came out. Took them over 6 months to fix it.

    I promise this will not stay on my HDD more than 3 days if this is not worked out, because this company is oblivious to how MS DRM licensing works.

    They cannot even link properly to the store page.
    I'm having the same issue. It says 200 tables (huh?) have been linked but none of them are after closing and restarting. If I look up a table I know I own on the store, like Mars, it's not downloadable, just says "Not Sold Separately". I also had the FX2 issues.


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      Balls of Glory import issue on PS4

      All the tables I bought seemed to import no problem... except for Balls of Glory. For some reason I can play Family Guy and Bob's Burgers, but not Archer or American Dad. I don't believe that they are available for sale separately. Help?


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        Steam importing

        The first time I started up on Steam, only about half of my tables imported.

        Exited the game, started again, and they're all there. Yay!

        I notice though that because of the way the new packs were created for what were formerly single tables, I have packs under FX3 that Steam doesn't show me owning, even though I have all the tables in the pack. I imagine that could cause problems for some people later, as they might accidentally re-buy the packs that they own all the tables in. Once all the problems are cleared up, you might want to consider marking those packs as "owned" for people that had all the tables.

        Also, maybe a way for people to buy tables they are missing. For example, if you missed Ant-Man, there's no way to buy it without rebuying the Cinematics pack. Maybe provide people an upgrade path? (I know that right now you can buy the FX2 version, but that might not always be there.)


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          cant import 1 table

          Hi I have successfully imported all my tables but I cant Import Antman which now seems to be part of a 3 table pack it keeps telling me I need to pay 7.99 for the 3 tables (I have imported the other two in the pack successfully!) Help !!!!


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            Originally posted by tfhfony
            Right now on my PS4, 67 out ot 68 tables are working. Only Antman for some reason doesn't become available.
            I have the same issue with Antman too


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              And Windows 10-Users?

              And what about Windows 10 users?
              When can they finally import their tables from Pinball FX2?
              I don't want to wait there weeks / month.
              Windows 10 1709 (64bit ), Pinball FX3


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                Originally posted by tfhfony
                Right now on my PS4, 67 out ot 68 tables are working. Only Antman for some reason doesn't become available.
                Same issue.


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                  Issue with ant-man

                  Same issue for me too:

                  Originally posted by tfhfony
                  Right now on my PS4, 67 out ot 68 tables are working. Only Antman for some reason doesn't become available.
                  All my tables are imported excepted Ant-Man (67/68)


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                    Hi everyone

                    Same issue in FRANCE, 67/68 Table import: AntMan missing!

                    Have an good day, Gilles


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                      Windows 10 from Xbox

                      I tried import with Windows 10 and only Star Wars and The Walking Dead tables where imported.

                      I've never used Pinball FX2 on Xbox One only 360 (bought new tables and imported tables from Pinball FX1).

                      Is there any chance that more of the tables are imported or would this only work on xbox one?


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                        Have you flicked through the screen for the page that says Import tables (there is a button prompt at the bottom right ▄ for PS X for Xbox) they don't automatically show up.


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                          Got em all


                          Im on ps4 in US. Loving it. Thanks Zen.
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                            Cant import from Windows 10

                            My windows 10 tables wont import.


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                              Joining the choir

                              Same as everyone else. Antman won't import. PS4


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                                can't get might of the first order to work it says download demo version or buy and i already own it on zen pinball 2 gamertag :d1m0ns3ay4r